Tuesday, September 18, 2012

For the Love of the Game......

At the risk of sounding philosophical, I'd like to ask a question. Over the course of the past few days, I've been rather harsh with WWE for the removal of Attitude Era footage from their digital archives in YouTube and other media outlets. I suppose my question is......Is WRESTLING for kids?

In its purest form, professional wrestling is a choreographed artform, where two partners perform a mock duel of fisticuffs and might in front of a crowd. There's nothing inherently wrong with that to give parents pause. Action movies do that sort of thing all the time. Where ratings and products divide the audiences is as simple as story and character. WWF, in their product 20 and 30 years ago, used colorful characters and personas to woo many a child into believing that prayers and vitamins could take them beyond their youth into a place where anything was possible.

When WWF and WCW squared off, it gave birth to a new era for both companies. WCW decided to blur the lines a bit, making storylines more complicated and the characters more true to life. That made wrestling into something else. I don't blame WCW or WWF for a racy and edgy product. I give the credit to the fans of the day. We created the Attitude Era. It made interesting storylines, but it also made it impossible for WWE to go back.

This isn't to say that WWE shouldn't try to tame their product down to draw in a younger audience, but to attempt to remove a piece of the road traveled is the wrong message to send. Holding on to concepts like Hell in a Cell and using the devil to communicate it undoes whatever progress there is to be made in making the WWE product "safer" for kids to watch. Characters like Kane or the Undertaker, who were in essence, birthed by the Attitude Era, simply don't fit the bill as well under those guidelines and it seems hypocritical for WWE fans to make their stances without acknowledging that.

So....is wrestling for kids? In my opinion, it can be. It all depends upon where you draw the line in how deep your storyline and characters are. If you want a deep storyline with more complicated characters, it can't stay within the confines of a PG environment. Simple as that.


  1. The devil has been used throughout televison history to show "evil" I can still remember episodes of bugs bunny and tom and jerry where not only the devil was used, but hell as well! Ive seen the picutres of cm punk with the horns.... and to be honest, my nephew watches scarier on power rangers. if there were pentagrams everywhere and 666 posted everywhere then I can see where using the devil might post a problem. and as for kane and the undertaker, kane is now more of a scary looking childish charater with his new story with daniel bryan. And undertaker was the undertaker before the attitude era began. There have always been scary charaters in wrestling... abdula the the butcher always came out drenched in blood..... sting hovered in the rafters in the crow facepaint and carried volchers on his shoulders. this rivalry between punk and cena seems pretty deep to me, and cena versus the rock was a deep storyline. So what is your defintion of deep? I love both companies, TNA and WWE.... they both bring there own unique way of doing things.... its niether bad or good, its just wrestling, its entertainment. But i do agree that removing the attitude era is wrong, they could just go in and censor it.... but on the same not, fans everywhere have posted videos of that era on youtube.... so they can really never take it completely away.

  2. First off daniel lewis thanx to this pg crap most of my favorite wrestlers have been buried and embarrased like john morrison he went all out everytime and wwe was a bitch and made him lose in harsh ways kaval for example to plus mickie james matt hardy also talked about if wwe is desparate enough they will use people on the injured list which screws them up more they already did it to randy and matt giving the spotlight to fags like ziggler and cena and sheamus when rey mysterio and big show actually deserve one