Wednesday, September 5, 2012

On MY Terms.....

Kurt Angle. He's one of TNA's most polarizing talents. Why? He makes all kinds of crazy statements on Twitter. Some are simply abysmal. The one I found most troubling, though, is a comment about jumping ship if he isn't billed as the top guy. Now, he did "clarify" his statement and change his tune when the backlash started, but even so....the damage had been done.

TNA has been very patient with Angle and has, at times, dealt with his controversial statements on Twitter and other social media with quite a bit of tact. Do I believe he's the standard? To a degree, but as I have said time and time again....NO ONE is irreplaceable. If Angle decided to jump back to WWE, they would welcome him back and have him feuding with their top talents and he'll probably be demanded once again to go to a full time schedule. Much like RVD, Kurt Angle has a big following and much of the fanfare is worth it as he is one of wrestling's greatest showmen.

So.....would TNA suffer if Angle were to leave? Absolutely. But TNA is becoming truly adept at filling in the gaps and giving opportunities where none had been seen before. Austin Aries, James Storm, Bobby Roode, Ken Anderson, Christian, the list goes on for those who had never experienced a World Title reign on the national level before landing in TNA. I believe Kurt Angle to be valuable for two main reasons.....

1. He's a ring general that can show almost anyone how to have a GREAT match. Even John Cena had a good match against the likes of Kurt Angle.

2. He's still one of the best performers in the business today at 42 years old. His name looks amazing on the resume of a young talent looking to break into the business. If you can beat Angle, you can make it as a professional wrestler....simple as that.

If Kurt Angle were to leave TNA, simply put, life would go on.

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