Monday, September 3, 2012

One Man's Junk.....Part 2.

I will never understand why men like Ezekiel Jackson and Mason Ryan, who have the body type and size that was so sought after for 20 years, end up at the bottom of the crap list in WWE. They may not be able to carry a promo battle, but they are decent enough in ring to offset that shortcoming. Historically, WWE has used a manager or valet to do the work that a big man without promo cutting skills would suffer for, so it WOULD come down to a package deal. Nevertheless, if someone with that kind of size is good enough in ring, you could rationalize cutting a larger check in hopes of a high return on your investment.

That said if TNA could get their hands on either Big 'Zeke or Mason Ryan, here are a few options. All are time tested, having worked for others in the past.....

Put him in a stable led by a ring general.......Batista was able to make it big by having the luxury of being the enforcer of Evolution with Triple H as their ring general. The story was written to give 'ol Dave the experience and the on-the-job training he needed to move up the card from Tag Team Division Title holder with Ric Flair straight into the World Title scene with a victory at the Royal Rumble. Having Ryan or Jackson in that kind of role would do them some good. 'Zeke would be great with a Jeff Jarrett at his side or a Kurt Angle while I would be overjoyed to see Mason Ryan as a member of a renewed British Invasion, led by Douglas Williams or even Magnus.

Give him a manager and make a run......The Undertaker, Kane, Umaga; the list goes on of successful in ring performers who have been able to look menacing without ever having to say a word. Male or female manager would definitely make a difference here, at least in my way of thinking. A woman with the caliber of Melina or Velvet Sky would be my choice to accompany Mason Ryan. I'd love to see a Scott D'Amore or a Simond Diamond as the spokesman for 'Zeke.

Emphasize strengths, ignore weaknesses.......Paul Heyman was very good at this in his run with ECW as their product was never very flashy. Emphasize strength and technical prowess and leave the flamboyant and flashy moves to those with more charisma or at least let them gain the confidence before expanding their moveset.

Do NOT give them a Streak........It worked for Goldberg, but nearly every persona since then has been met with the same results. Once the streak is broken, so then is the man. There is no shame in losing, so long as the victor is a worthy opponent. Anything can happen on any given Sunday and a triumph over a Kurt Angle, AJ Styles, Jeff Hardy, or RVD would make either one look like a contender.

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