Sunday, September 9, 2012

Remember the XFL.....

So WWE has suspended their network indefinitely for revamping. Wow. What a shocker. So that means that guys like Alex Shelley, Amazing Red, and the most recently departed Chris Sabin, who all let in hopes of reaching agreements with WWE have basically left for nothing. Personally, I'd feel pretty darn silly knowing I had such a good thing going only for my lifeboat to spring a leak.

So....the reasons for WWE Network failing are too numerous to mention, from not hiring television executives to keep the thing running to the most recent development of not being able to convince cable and satellite providers to carry the stupid thing. And why would someone with the reach of a DirecTV or Dish Network or Mediacom NOT carry WWE Network? Because there are few WWE fans who would pay the extra to keep it on as a premium channel. Quite probably something we should have thought through BEFORE telling the world when you were going to launch, Vince.

Now, this column is just a bit of a dig at 'ol Triple H and Stephanie's company, now that Vince's time running things is limited. Since TNA has been doing things right by not focusing on WWE and trying things to separate themselves from the feel of WWE's product, I think they've improved in leaps and bounds. It seems like every time TNA takes a step backwards, WWE fanboys leap at the chance to poke their fun. This time, however, things are vice versa, for a change.

Remember the XFL......and WWE Network.

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