Monday, September 17, 2012


With all of the recent news surrounding live events involving Matt Morgan, my excitement is at an all time high. Wrestling's quickest big man is about to make his on screen return. If there's one thing that must be said, TNA has missed him....more than they know. In the coming weeks, Morgan will be making more live event appearances, unless my sources are incorrect.

I've speculated about Morgan's possible involvement in the Aces and Eights, but quite frankly even with his return, coming into Bound for Glory, you can bet some of TNA's long absent roster members will be making returns as well. Among them......

Jeff Jarrett.....I would expect nothing less than for TNA's founder to make his return at TNA's biggest stage as his presence would bring about another possible Sting confrontation concerning his place in the Hall of Fame this year.

Abyss.....Bully Ray's restraining order would not hold back the monster from a return appearance, even if it means involvement in the Aces and Eights. That particular piece of paper, in fact, would become useless if he were guarded by his Aces and Eights cohorts.

Rosita and Sarita.....Ahhh the latin beauties....I very much hope to see another reign with the Knockouts Tag Team Titles in their future. It would more than appropriate for their return on TNA's stage of showcase. Why? Because the Knockouts Tag Titles are a specialty division and TNA loves to showcase their specialty divisions at Bound for Glory.

I will grant that these are just a few special appearances, but in my view, they may be some of the most important ones as they will help even out some of the odd spots on the current roster. Eric Young and ODB have yet to have their title reigns revoked, but I expect that wrong to be rectified in the coming weeks as well.

On another note, I get the feeling that TNA is readying Zema Ion to drop the title. To whom? Sonjay Dutt. Why? Because nearly everyone from the old days of the X Division has had a run with the X Title. Bentley, Kazarian, Daniels, Styles, Amazing Red, Petey Williams, the list goes on, but it doesn't include Dutt as of yet. Bound for Glory is the time to add Sonjay Dutt to the list among the best the X Division has ever produced.

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