Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Something Different?

TNA has announced that this week, four combatants will be selected, one of which will take on the TV Champion, Devon for his title. This match will determine exactly what has happened with his contract situation. If he wins the match, a contract agreement has been inked behind closed doors. If he loses, he's pretty much done with the company and will mark the first time Devon and Ray have been working apart since their introduction back in ECW under Paul Heyman.

Hogan has come under fire as it relates to dropping the ball in regards to not having the TV Title defended each week, but to his defense, the title has been secondary since Aces and Eights have been rioting in the Impact Zone. I will say this, however, Robbie E. won't be picked for the first time since last year. I'm SO happy about that. My suggestions concerning the TV Title are simple.....

-Where the X Title can be cashed in at Destination X, I believe the TV Title should have the same power. The difference being that it be Final Resolution or Turning Point to cash in. 

-Instead of having a title match every week (not that I mind), I would simply put an open challenge on Open Fight Night for the TV Title.

-Once in a while, perhaps for a special, I would have the belt put up in a four-way or three-way bout on OFN where it still is open challenge, but the other 2 competitors wouldn't know who they're facing.

Just a few suggestions to tweak the way the TV Title is done. Now I've been saying this for nearly as long as this blog has been in existence.....TNA needs to lose the Knockouts Tag Titles unless they have enough Knockouts to make a run at them. Right now, they're suffering a bit, but with the impending return of Velvet Sky and the re-debut of Taeler Hendrix and the possible addition of a brand new Knockout, it seems like the possibilities are endless......provided they can hold interest long enough to force a defense from ODB and Eric Young.

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