Sunday, September 23, 2012

Speed Bumps......

This column goes out to another columnist on another site far away. So I use your term to title this post on this day. Why do I call it "Speed Bumps"? Very simply because of the opinions of so many people who like to use much worse terms for TNA's past booking decisions as they relate to their top stars....namely Bobby Roode and the most recent one with Bully Ray and the Bound for Glory Series Finals match.

No one....and I do mean NO ONE would argue that the heel turn of Bobby Roode has been a bad idea as he is arguably the most talented heel character in professional wrestling...or at least the most talented one of the past few years. His turn, however, was done in a way that left a bad taste in the mouths of many a TNA fan. He gets "screwed" at Bound for Glory only to receive his just desserts two weeks later? I mean....what was accomplished? Only that the top tier was solidified as the most balanced in the entire professional wrestling landscape. You get a mega-face and a mega-heel all in the same two week time span. As far as I'm concerned, it's a win/win.

Now we get down to my assessment of the most controversial decision of the past PPV.....the decision to deny Bully Ray the main event title shot at Bound for Glory. Why would TNA make such a decision in the first place? Glad I have your attention.....let's run through a few ideas. Bully Ray may be a part of the Aces and Eights. In his last conversation with Joseph Park, if you'll recall, he asked how things were going with his investigation. Why? Because he wanted to see how much he knew. If Park's intelligence pointed to Ray as a member of the faction, all would be lost and the element of surprise would be gone.

SO.....why didn't the Aces and Eights attack Hardy in his finals match to salvage his title attempt? It would tip their hand too much. Simple as that. Ray will get his title shot and I'll go on record in saying his shot will be fruitful for his very first run as World Heavyweight Champion. The internet, who have been so scornful of his denial at No Surrender will finally understand why things played out the way they did. Is it a perfect scenario? No. But neither was Bobby Roode's denial. I doubt people would have viewed it as horribly as they did if Hogan hadn't gone on record in saying that Roode wasn't ready for a World Title run. In any case, TNA's newest "speed bump" could very well turn out just fine provided they're ready to move up the chain.

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