Friday, September 28, 2012

Tasting Gold.....

Joe is a champion once more. Granted, he isn't World Heavyweight Champion just yet, but I'd say TV Champion is not a bad second place. Perhaps a nice solid run with this title will bring back the credibility that has been long denied the Samoan Submission Machine. Giving Magnus a reason to continue the feud with Joe is a good only turns the heat up and will make him a more volatile element once the week off is over for him. In the last column, I was very fearful that TNA was going to put the title on Garret, and I was overwhelmed with relief to find that Samoa Joe has finally found himself in the officials' good graces once more.

On a note that may be a bit premature, the promo cut by the leader of the Aces and Eights this week had all the inflection and tone of Eric Bischoff. Not that I'm complaining.....I happen to be a big fan of 'ol Easy E as he can cut a mean heel promo. My gut, however, tells me that we're not going to see Bischoff as the leader of the faction. But FINALLY we have a development.....FINALLY!!!

2 vs. 2 at Bound for Glory. That changes things. I had initially wanted to see a 5 on 5, but in the interest of fair play for those atop the card down, 2 on 2 seems about as good as can be expected. Scaling things down isn't such a bad plan, all things considered. Knowing what we know now, I want to see something unexpected. The way I see it, there are three contest. Since Aces and Eights have stake in the outcome, I don't see a no contest for once, but something tells me we may see something out of the ordinary this time. This time, unless something else is revealed in the final 2 weeks, I expect Aces and Eights to take the win.

SO....NOW who do we pick to represent?

Aces and Eights should pick Abyss and Jeff Jarrett

And Sting should go to the ring with Bully Ray.

The revelation would be AWESOME as Sting would once again get the beatdown, and Aces and Eights' leadership would remain intact for a while longer. Bully Ray turns on Sting and the Aces and Eights get to rejoin the Zone. Why is such an easy question in this case and the story gets tidied up and knotted with a bow.

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