Saturday, September 15, 2012

The Grand Design......

If I were to tell you that there is a twist coming that no one will ever see coming, but that everyone will agree makes complete sense when you fit the pieces together, what would you say? Critics scoff and will say that logic never follows a TNA storyline from start to finish, but this story has been written and planned and penned over and over and over again. It all makes sense so long as all the cards are in place. Now that contracts disputes and matters of money have been laid to rest, all the traps are set and only await one little off step to set it all in motion.

Bully Ray has been re-signed for 2 more years. Some talents who haven't been seen on TV for a while have been let go. Combine this with one final fact that hasn't even been announced yet and you have the finishing touch to bring everything to the bar. I'm going to hold on to that unannounced fact until the end of this column.

So we have the most recent message from the Aces and Eights......

What's next? With 4 weeks left until the flickers of strobes, camera flashes, and spotlight glares that accompany Bound for Glory, I believe we can reasonably expect a few things. Aces and Eights will continue to interrupt Impact broadcasts, but I believe TNA's revised Frontline will get the upper hand and will finally reveal the face of one actual stage presence. When? My guess is next week. I don't believe this will appear planned either. I would guess the revealed order will look increasingly surprising, culminating finally at the Bound for Glory PPV itself.

To further pull back the curtain.....Officials at Spike TV and TNA Wrestling are about to reveal that Impact Wrestling will continue to run live to finish out the 2012 year. This fact takes the bar up another notch into a different place on their road to being a front runner in the professional wrestling mainstream.

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