Friday, September 7, 2012

The Road Leads......

Right now, the question on a lot of people's minds is where the road leads. Who's in charge of Aces and Eights? What is the agenda and endgame? I've done a lot of speculation and even wrote out my own way of playing it all out, but the truth of the matter is that I'm enjoying the not knowing. Every once in a while, I like to be fooled.

Ages ago, Vince McMahon fooled everyone with a storyline that involved The Undertaker, Stone Cold Steve Austin, Stephanie and him. As the story weaved, it appeared that The Undertaker had been planning everything from the beginning, but when the curtain was finally pulled back, everything made that much more sense. I love that kind of thing, where the twists and turns make it absolutely necessary to see what's coming next week.

I bring up an old WWF story to illustrate my love for a deeper than wading storyline. Now, WWF is NOT WWE, but even WWE has had a few stories worthy of mention over the years. I can't say that for what's been on tap recently, save for CM Punk's recent alliance with Paul Heyman, who not surprisingly, is almost always worth watching for what he brings to the table as a heel. TNA's tried their best to put out a decent story over the years, but they really excel at making debuts VERY special.

In the way of news, WWE is keeping Christian off television for a time for two reasons. He's been asking for time away to heal his ankles as they kept him sidelined for a few months between the end of last year and the beginning of this one. That being said, the other reason seems more petty.....WWE wants to "cool" him before his appearance next month at TNA's Hall of Fame ceremony to induct Sting  as the first name. He had been slated to appear on live events and in a feud over the IC Title, but with the nagging injury and TNA's event on the horizon, WWE wants to keep him under wraps until after Bound for Glory.

Also, MMA fighter King Mo, who is training for his TNA debut is nearing his Impact Wrestling first appearance. According to a recent interview, he's slated to make his debut in October. By my best guess, this should probably be at or shortly before Bound for Glory. If he shows up the week before BFG, he can establish a place for himself on the roster straightaway with a money feud going into the rest of the year. The current plan is to have him on the broadcasts one week per month with a PPV match to add to his resume. The idea is to keep him on camera and have him slow down his appearances leading into a fight for Bellator, with whom he's also under contract. Once the fight is over, his appearances would likely gradually ramp back up for the remainder of his TNA deal.

Whatever is in the works, this is an exciting time to be a TNA fan and as for those who have never jumped on the wagon, this would be the time to get in.

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