Sunday, September 9, 2012

The Things They Don't Say......

I've said it many times before. I love reading other people's work.....especially those who love to berate TNA's accomplishments. Because I spend so much time scouring the forums and fan sites, I get a bunch of different perspectives from all over. There are so many opinions, but a few seem to echo over and over and over again. There are also a few that I almost never hear anymore. Care to hear?

1. TNA is a retirement home for WWE rejects.

I LOVE hearing it every time it's said. Mostly because it gives me the chance to set the record straight for anyone who will listen. TNA used to have nearly half of their roster taken up with former WWE talents. Now, that number has been cut down to 11. Of that number, however, all are scattered in various points on the card. Perhaps the best thing about this strategy is that it gives promising new talents a chance to build a resume, a strong resume.

2. TNA's slogan of Wrestling Matters is a joke.

Why did people say this? Because for a time, TNA used a great deal of time chatting and pining away on meaningless backstage segments. I will chalk all of that time period up to experimentation. TNA was feeling out their borders; trying to see just how far the audience would allow them to take each segment. I believe that officials got their answers and have been able to adjust their strategies accordingly.

3. TNA is ripping off old storylines.

This is another one I love. Why? Because I happen to know that old storylines are what ALL wrestling companies draw from for their ideas. The current WWE story with CM Punk and Heyman looks a great deal like WWE Smackdown of 2003. Heyman is representing Kurt Angle and Brock Lesnar at the time. Angle has never needed a mouthpiece and right now, neither does Punk. TNA is using an invasion storyline that has elements of so many different old storylines with one glaring difference.....mystery. The amount of mystery concerning the intentions, members, numbers, and endgame of Aces and Eights is something unlike any other story to come before.

These are just a few things people rarely say anymore. Why? Because they simply are no longer true. TNA has made advances and changes to keep the critics at bay and, for the moment, they remain that way.

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