Wednesday, September 5, 2012

There Can Be Only One......

It has been announced that the winner of the Bound for Glory Series will get to choose his first opponent of the top four going into No Surrender. That's right. What good would that do? Well, first of all, if I didn't want to face the best of the best right away, I could hope he gets eliminated from contention by a "weaker" opponent. My point? Strategy. This year's presentation of the Series brings something new.....the ability for the winner to play his cards close to the vest and strategize his next move to give himself a better than average chance at taking the main event spot at Bound for Glory this year.

If I may point out one thing that may not have been said in a while.....Bobby Roode isn't holding the title right now and has been barred from a rematch for as long as Austin Aries holds it. TNA's original plan (and possibly current plan) was to finish off the Roode/Storm feud at the big dance this year. Fact is, those plans could still take place on one condition......Storm doesn't win the Bound for Glory Series.

So who does that leave? There are two matches tomorrow to narrow those numbers down. If Jeff Hardy and Rob Van Dam each win their matches, we'll have Storm, Hardy, Joe, and RVD. TNA and Bully Ray, as of this moment, have yet to come to agreement about a contract, which leads me to believe this may be the last time we see him in a TNA ring. Devon is already done, potentially retiring the TV Title, but Bully Ray winning the World Title on the national stage would very much put a cap on a historic career.

I'm betting on TNA playing it safe with this final match, giving the final victory to RVD. In fact, I'm betting on the final four I listed above for No Surrender. As for their chances.......

High Possibility.......Jeff Hardy and Samoa Joe- Either one of these picks would make a great many people very happy. Jeff's segment in the ring with Aries could very well have been a foreshadowing of what might yet come to pass. Then again, Joe and Aries have unfinished business from Slammiversary of this year.

Moderate Possibility.....RVD. Rob Van Dam has been poised to take in a shot at the World Title, but I get the feeling it could go either way, depending upon how confident TNA is in his ability to put on a 5 Star match.

Low Possibility......James Storm. TNA's original plan was to continue the feud with Bobby Roode from earlier this year. I'm betting Roode will return in time to cheat Storm out of his victory at No Surrender. That will mean Roode vs. Storm II at Bound for Glory could very well be imminent.....unless......

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