Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Tick Tock.....

Tomorrow, we will find something new about the Aces and Eights. What? Now that we now know that "the Blueprint" has signed a new contract with TNA, his new place in the order of things has yet to be known. Is he a force to settle the score with Aces and Eights or is he a member? I have high hopes that whatever TNA's plan, Matt Morgan will end up getting a monster push out of the deal. If he can remain healthy, I can see him joining the already fattened top tier as one of the big faces of the company by years' end.

With Devon teasing aspirations of teaming with fellow former TNA talent Jesse Neal for a run in WWE, it would appear that TNA has a decision to make. Do they retire the TV Title or do they vacate it and run some kind of tourney to crown a new holder of said title? Officials have been toying around with the idea of retiring the belt, but as of this post, no resolute answer has been made. In this writer's humble opinion, TNA could use the TV Title to prime talents for the top with a mid-card title and a decent mid-card tier to compete for it. By utilizing former World Title holders like RVD, Anderson, Joe, Styles, or former X Title holders like Daniels or Kazarian, TNA would be able to get the most out of their talent pool.

On another note, there are a couple of women who may be popping up on the radar for a debut and return soon to help refill the roster spots....


So the first and only female Gut Check Challenge contract winner to date and arguably the most popular Knockout in TNA history are being primed for returns. Velvet Sky is taking some time away from the roster to compete on the indy circuit. Once Bound for Glory has come and gone, expect her return, at the very least. If my sources are accurate, the timing could not be more appropriate as TNA's Knockouts Division could use a Turning Point.

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