Saturday, September 8, 2012

Two More Days Until.....

So, it comes to the last two days before No Surrender. I have to say, I'm looking VERY forward to what TNA has up their sleeves for the show. With a stacked card and great news to boot, I want to launch into this thing with predictions based upon this good news. Without any further delay, here we go.......

Bully Ray vs. James Storm.......Semi-Final
TNA has just signed Ray for another 2 years. That's right. 2 more years of one of wrestling's best heels and I have to believe they have something in store for him......namely the TNA World Heavyweight Title. Right now, TNA has the single best World Heavyweight Title scene in ANY wrestling promotion. Period. With Jeff Hardy, Samoa Joe, AJ Styles, James Storm, Bobby Roode, RVD, Mr, Anderson, Kurt Angle, and Austin Aries all within striking distance of the World Title at any given time, it makes sense why WWE is having such a hard time building their top tier. TNA is holding all the cards right now. In this match, however, I predict a victory for Bully Ray with possible shenanigans from a returning Bobby Roode to finish their feud from earlier just as planned leading into Bound for Glory.

Jeff Hardy vs. Samoa Joe.......Semi Final
I hate matches like this. Why? Because I don't want to see either one of them knocked out of consideration. Since Joe and Magnus seem to have some unfinished business, however, and the fact that Jeff Hardy and Austin Aries' in ring segment has been put in place as a swerve, I'm going to go with Jeff Hardy winning this one.

AJ Styles and Kurt Angle vs. Kazarian and Daniels for the Tag Team Titles........
I simply don't see any other way for this to go other than AJ Styles and Angle walking away with the belts, only to lose them shortly thereafter to Chavo and Hernandez. I believe TNA is priming Chavo and Super Mex for a run with the Tag Titles and possibly a lengthy run from the looks of it. I hope very much that Daniels and Kaz stay together and move into an actual feud between them as Daniels and Chavo could very easily have some decent chemistry going into the rest of the year.

Tara vs. Ms. Tessmacher for the Knockouts Title......
I would very much love to see 2 Knockouts feuds going at the same time and I have to believe that TNA doesn't want to give airs that their women's division is suffering from lack of depth. That being said, I believe Gail Kim is going to get involved somehow, leading to a Tara/ Gail feud moving forward and that Madison Rayne isn't far from the fight either, leading her to feud with Tessmacher. SO, I predict a Tara victory going into Bound for Glory with her headlining the division.

Sonjay Dutt vs. Zema Ion for the X Division Title......
The X Division is suffering right now. Let's be honest. In fact, I believe it'll take something very important to salvage the division and make it stay legitimate for TNA's foreseeable future. For that reason, Ion NEEDS to lose the belt. He adds no credibility to the belt for the moment. When time comes closer to Destination X, he can win it all back, but until that time, he needs to step away to let the division gain some momentum and to tune his character.

Austin Aries vs. "The Arm Breaker"
This won't be a truly legitimate match. Let me say that right now. In fact, I predict a no contest finish leading into Impact this coming week. Hopefully, however, we'll see something more invested to move towards a resolution leading into Bound for Glory.

Bound for Glory Series Final.......
I have to go with Jeff Hardy vs. Bully Ray and, as stated before, I fully stand behind Bully Ray as the headlining act going into Bound for Glory this year. I think this year will be something special for TNA as their title scene is only going to expand and lead to more detailed and varied feuds. Bully Ray winning the World Title will kickoff that movement in the right way.

I expect for Magnus to develop into a top star along with Joey Ryan, who I expect to win a contract either at, or shortly following No Surrender. Ryan would have to start into a money feud almost immediately in order for any of it to mean anything. In fact, I believe he could make the X Title look GREAT. Putting him there shortly after coming on board would DEFINITELY set the pace TNA needs to revitalize their roster after the losses they've taken.

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