Sunday, September 30, 2012

What if?......Part 1:The Great Exchange

If ever a cooperative could be struck between the two national wrestling powers, we may see some truly interesting match-ups. As for the exchanges I'd like to see.....

From TNA to WWE:

AJ Styles
Bobby Roode
Samoa Joe
Christopher Daniels

From WWE to TNA:

Zack Ryder
CM Punk
Beth Phoenix
AJ Lee

Before I get into the "why's" and such, I think it wise to give my best scenario for the trade.....

Vince comes into the ring on Impact Wrestling and announces the departure of TNA's greatest treasures. His short list as listed above are no longer employed with TNA and are now the property of WWE. In response, Eric Bischoff, who hasn't been seen since the beginning of the year, comes out, followed by Hulk Hogan.

Eric tells Vince that, while it was fun on his show so very long ago, he's not on RAW and that means he's on HIS turf. Hogan, who has been quiet on the tirade, speaks up. He says that under the rules set out back in February, this isn't Eric's show and to hit the bricks. He tells Vince that he's glad he's here, because on this special episode of Impact, his second in command has something to tell him.

On the jumbotron, Sting is on the Monday Night RAW set. He says that he had a feeling Vince would try something like this, so they did some recruiting of their own. But because Vince ran his mouth a little too early, he missed out on something critical. The talents he chose came with a high price tag.........

As a result of picking all TNA originals, a recruitment clause kicked into effect, rendering all performers on WWE's roster over the age of 35 unable to compete for 6 months. Vince looks panicked and rightfully so. The list below is of talents barred.....

John Cena
Big Show
Mark Henry
The Great Khali
Rey Mysterio
Triple H
The Rock

NOW, WWE has some decisions to make.......

TNA has already decided their picks and have done so with careful anticipation. Here are the new roles for TNA's picks....

Beth Phoenix and Natalya- Knockouts/ Knockouts Tag Team Division
CM Punk- X Division
Zack Ryder- Tag Team Division/ TV Title
AJ Lee- VP of the Knockouts Division

WWE has already chosen to put Daniels and Styles together once again for the Tag Team Division.
Bobby Roode joins the World Title scene as does Samoa Joe.
Crimson joins the Intercontinental/US Title scene.


  1. Would have to question some of these decisions. First why put cm punk in the x division. He is clearly one of the best on the mike and in the ring.
    Why pick zack ryder when you could pick some one like sin cara who would be epic in the x division. I agree with natalia and beth phoenix

  2. Ok now I know your not the owner of this blog you fucking idiot heres y you said if the leader of aces and 8s were to be eric bichoff it would be great but on another blog you said it would ruin the story quite making blogs whoever you are who knows why you insist on blogging but im going to make sure you account is compromised