Friday, September 14, 2012


All week I've been defending TNA's decision to let Jeff Hardy have his day in the sun and, even after last night's rematch for the title shot, my opinion hasn't changed. Do I believe Hardy will win the big one at Bound for Glory? Not really. Would I be disappointed? Not really. Here's the cut and dry for me when it comes to all of this.....I'm a TNA fan and my opinion of the product doesn't hinge entirely upon who is holding the belt. Hardy polarized the fanbase when he debuted his own World Title design (which I didn't think was as nasty as the spinner belt). For me, I was just holding out for TNA to stabilize the product and put out a decent wrestling show, which they now are doing. But that isn't what brings me here to the column today.

TNA has been building and building and building towards a revelation of who is actually in the Aces and Eights and yet I found last night a bit wanting of more than I got. Joseph Park and Wes Brisco gave me something to cling to, but I'm still grasping at straws wanting to know more in order to speculate upon how things are going to play out. I had hoped at least one man would be revealed by now, but TNA is wanting to play things a bit closer to the vest, no pun intended. So why ARE they withholding identities? I have a couple of guesses.

1. TNA doesn't want people to assume anything about who is leading the rebellion. Marks and smarks alike have this notion that Jeff Jarrett or Eric Bischoff are behind it all, but putting a guy like Wes Brisco or Joseph Park as their representative would LAUNCH something new....something, I believe, the wrestling world needs right now. Something new and different.

2. TNA hasn't locked in the identity of the leader yet. They may have their notion of who the leader could be, but narrowing the playing field by twisting and turning helps determine who would benefit the most from the revelation. Putting someone like a Wes Brisco or a Bully Ray or even a Bobby Roode as the leader of Aces and Eights would again LAUNCH whoever they finally land on into the atmosphere and quite possibly into the main event right away. Bully Ray would be a lock on the top tier, as would Brisco or anyone else who hasn't quite gotten there yet.

3. TNA is still under negotiations to bring in someone new. If their first choice to lead the faction is still outside of the company, like a John Morrison or Petey Williams or WHOEVER, TNA may be having trouble locking down a deal with said talent. If that is the case, we may get something like a Jeff Jarrett as a backup plan if things go sideways. While I hope this guess isn't the case, I still remain optimistic about the leader being outside of the two front runners, Eric and Jeff.

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  1. After Aces and Eights video mentioning it could be any1 part of the Asn8 it seems that
    Joseph Parks/Abyss could be a member or even the big main guy.
    He seems to be wanting to 'solve' the case, has access to tna n to Hogan.

    Bully Ray, no1 has targeted him and seems to always be the last one out during attacks and the gang always run back not touching him.

    And D'Lo Brown!
    I've read that he has been 'acting' as a member during attacks but he might have a real role.
    During the backstage segment in Hogans office D'lo was saying to let them in and to face them eye to eye, maybe a way to help Asn8 in??
    Also it seems more then a coincidence that they were mentioning that it cud be any1 of them sitting in the office.

    Wes Brisco is obviously the guy with the long hair.

    Interesting to who the leader is or infact if its more than 1 leader maybe have 2 or 3 main guys i.e. D'lo, Parks who just came together to take over tna.
    Hope its not a let down, cuz 1 thing about tna is they half poor finishes.