Monday, October 8, 2012


So I've given out my predictions and, even though the event hasn't happened yet, I still feel compelled to move forward. Right now, TNA has but a couple of options in the final week before Phoenix.

1. Set stipulations for the tag match involving Aces and Eights.
2. Name an opponent for Zema Ion.

Let's assume that no stipulations are set in place and Aces and Eights are NOT barred from interfering in the tag match or that the conditions are not as such that would prevent outside help. Now....if those conditions are met, we have the next chapter written already.

Since the Turning Point poster looks something like this:

I think it best to understand that Aces and Eights aren't going least not yet. But before the facepalm chorus sounds, I think we need to put together TNA's contingency plan. 

First things first, the guarantee is that some revelations will FINALLY come to fruition. Someone HAS to be revealed in order for TNA to have ANY way to move forward. Who that will be? I don't know that it matters, at least not at the moment. This can work, but the revelation will have to change everything. How, you might ask, can they salvage this? Simple. Reveal the 2 minions without revealing the leader. Give out the mission without giving away the endgame. 

I will concede that this story has languished in the past couple of weeks, but if Bound for Glory is the end, this poster means nothing and TNA has wasted our time. I don't think this is the case, though and I further think that Aces and Eights can be salvaged to such a degree that it'll make it more interesting for the long run. TNA NEEDS this to work out and, moving forward, keeping the leader's identity secret can make for a compelling twist. 

Let's say the bell rings and the masks are removed with Aces and Eights as the victors. Sting has been beaten down. Hogan has demanded an explanation. The locker room empties into the ring, capturing the newly unmasked pair. With microphone in hand, Hogan demands to know what they want.

"You can ask all you want, but I'm not the one calling the shots."

The witch hunt begins and this time, it won't take FOREVER to get from point A to point B. Once a final match is set where the leader is finally revealed, the rest of the year can be the unraveling of the faction, however they choose to do it. This may NOT play out as you've read it here, but try to tell me that it wouldn't keep things moving.

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  1. BIG NEWS!! matt morgan made an apperance at the Ft.smith Arkansas show! he came from the crowd and attacked RVD!