Friday, October 12, 2012

All That Remains...

2 Days. That's all that remains. FINALLY, it seems, TNA has gotten serious. This week's episode was chock full of hype for Bound for Glory. And you know what? That's how it should be. I happen to love the double/triple main event and the fully stacked card. Rob Van Dam as Zema Ion's opponent at Bound for Glory made my night. This could be really good. But to quote the villain, "All magic has a price."

So I'm in a good mood. Why? Because I read another one of those sanctimonious, holier than thou, "TNA isn't worth my time", watered down, venomous, bitter, jealous, WWE fanboy mini novels about the many triumphs of WWE over their adversaries. Usually, it bothers me when people don't concede anything, but not today. Since I don't make it my business to reveal names of columnists who are clueless, he shall remain nameless, but the point is, TNA is the company to watch this year, not WWE and I've spent over a year running this megaphone and will continue to do just that because this year has been almost spotless in terms of TNA's rise in quality. (shakes his head at Claire Lynch)

Anyone who has watched what TNA can do with a live OUT OF IMPACT ZONE crowd knows that Sunday is going to be special. Every arena I've seen TNA resonate from has been a hot crowd. Wembley Stadium in UK was off the charts. You guys know how to do it up right and my thanks to you for making TNA look like a million bucks on those nights. I happen to know the good folks over at  Impact love going back year after year. Once they decide to make the commitment to staying out on the road for broadcasts, look out....because there will be little to get in the way of TNA taking over the reins of this business.

To begin winding down this entry, I HAVE to put some good news out there. Velvet Sky and officials have finished a new deal and a signature is imminent. Take a good look at your future, peeps.....

I want to make this as crystal clear as possible, so I won't mince words. TNA is doing nearly everything right with the card for Sunday, balancing EVERY match to showcase the very best that TNA has to offer fans. The weekly show, barring the past two weeks, has been consistently better in quality, quantity, and minus a great deal of the filler WWE is famous for putting on display. And the signiture PPV promises to have much of the same. I'll be watching Bound for Glory, taking my free t-shirt, and wearing it PROUDLY.

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