Tuesday, October 30, 2012


I wasn't going to write this today. To be blunt, I wasn't going to EVER write this....but two events coming to light in WWE COMPELLED me.

1.) Beth Phoenix was written out of the company last night in typical fashion for someone who asked for their release.

2.) It appears the Claire Lynch storyline is alive and well, but not in TNA anymore.

To address statement one.....I'd like to educate SOME of you who still think I'm being some kind of bully who is just picking on WWE without evidence to back me up. WWE is NOTORIOUSLY horrible to women who decide they want out, whether it be to start a family or whatever the case may be. The Diva that made my jump to TNA the easiest choice was Lita. Her final promo sealed it. I would never go back......

Was she serious? Maybe, maybe not. She left without fanfare, without the ticker tape parade, without the title....but more importantly to me, without intentions of ever coming back. Trish Stratus left with a title belt, Lita left with nothing.

Since 2008, WWE has released 16 Divas. 3 have left to retire, but the rest read like a who's who of Women's Champions who deserved more than they got. Melina, Awesome Kong, Gail Kim, Mickie James, Victoria, Tiffany, Candice Michelle, Ashley Massaro....the list goes on and on. That's 4 years, folks. Four years of WWE continually and systematically dismantling their Women's Division by releasing those who can work a match longer than 10 minutes without the general public wanting to leave the room to make a sandwich. If it wasn't bad enough that they fire those that CAN perform, they replace them with fitness models who have never worked a match in their lives and expect the veterans to train them and job to them before such time as they are able to wrestle a match.

Beth Phoenix left wrestling to be with her real life boyfriend and to help him recuperate from surgery, which is scheduled to take place in the coming weeks. For those of you who DON'T know, her boyfriend USED to be known by his championship-winning name, Edge. So it's political. WWE, I don't know how you do it. You'll fire people for wanting to start a family (Kong, Dawn Marie, Candice Michelle), you'll fire people for wanting a better showing on TV (Gail Kim, Victoria, Mickie James), and you'll fire people for not getting along with higher ranked talent (Tiffany, Melina), and you'll even fire people just to let them know that no one is irreplaceable (Cherry, Ashley Massaro, Christy Hemme). I gotta hand it to you, Vince, you sure showed them.

And now, for the part I have been waiting for FOREVER. FINALLY, WWE has done the unthinkable. They've chosen to take a page from TNA. In about three months, they're gonna wish they hadn't. So the leadership is under attack for "fraternizing" with a top level talent. Where have I heard that story before? The "evidence" is them getting together for a "business dinner" and then getting into an elevator. Well, that sounds important. SOMEBODY CALL THE PRESSES!!!!

WAIT! We've just received word that Cena and AJ went to that hotel room to help a pregnant addict, not realizing that the baby belongs to John Cena. I suppose that means that Swagger and Dolph Ziggler will become Tag Team Champions and Cena will team up with Randy Orton to feud with them for months. Is anyone else watching this?

In all the time I've come into forums and listened to discussions, I hear that WWE's storylines are better or that TNA can't think of an original idea or whatever their gripe is for the day and just when TNA escapes from an awful ORIGINAL storyline, WWE swoops right in. Typical. It does amuse me. I had no intention of posting this portion, but in the face of the WWE Universe who seem to have this notion that they have a curb in the court of public opinion about what ORIGINAL means or what is deemed as GOOD or WORTHY, I have something to say. WWE is NOT the end-all-be-all. WWE is NOT where the sidewalk ends. WWE is NOT the bastion of all things great and the place where every great talker in the professional wrestling industry goes to share their coffee. WWE, furthermore, is NOT where TNA's brightest minds go for wrestling advice. This isn't just a rant, it's a wake up call. 

For those of you who want numbers, Smackdown JUST LAST WEEK scored a 1.74. TNA Impact scored a 1.0. If anyone else has it in them to try and tell me that WWE isn't losing fans, you might want to give your calculator a second glance. 

Since 2008, WWE has FIRED over 150 talents between the main and developmental rosters. Among them are former World Champions, former Women's Champions, former Tag Team Champions, former Intercontinental Champions, former US Champions, and former Cruiserweight Champions. Is someone really going to tell me that all of those people were necessary? Why would WWE pick up a talent only to discard them the following year? Seems a bit unfair to me. The thing is, folks, WWE may be sitting on top of the mountain, but it's at the expense of a great many talents who might have been able to do more had they been given more than what they got. Things aren't changing for the better, ladies and gentlemen. The name count is only going up in the Future Endeavors Club. 

The Defense Rests, Your Honor....

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