Monday, October 15, 2012

Bound for Warring?

So Austin Aries has been dethroned for the moment, Joey Ryan is being welcomed to the TNA roster, Jesse Godderz is Tara's BF, and Devon is a member of the Aces and Eights. Have I got your attention? I should certainly hope so. With so many revelations on the docket and so much to say on the subject, I have intentions of pulling the curtain back little by little this week, talking about as many aspects of the PPV as possible before moving on into other matters.

First on the agenda is Jeff Hardy. In my case on Jeff Hardy's behalf, I defended his possible victory at last night's PPV and, it seems my duty once more, to bring another argument to the table. In a hard fought battle, Aries came up short. Why? To find himself an allegiance or an enemy. Who else has something to gain in this battle towards the World Heavyweight Title? How about Bobby Roode?

Bobby Roode may have lost his battle as well, but he now has a shot at the title once more as Aries is no longer champion. It gives both men a possible rivalry and also frees up the title picture for a new challenger to come onto the scene. I happen to love the possibilities that Jeff Hardy as champion has created. Look at the list of challengers. Roode, Aries, Storm, and that's just in the preliminary round and not counting Matt Morgan, who, I believe, will join the fray by year's end.

As a face, Aries was cheered, but leading up to that point, he had been an arrogant heel. That's what led him to the dance and that was what made him interesting. His face turn was gradual and so much so, that I almost lost sight as he made the transition. I think that dealing with the loss will bring Aries and Roode back into battle with one another, allowing for James Storm to take a place in line. That, however, brings another possibility to light.....Bully Ray.

Bully Ray sided with Sting and TNA against Aces and Eights and, it could be, that he has earned himself the right to pick a favor in return. How possible is it to see Bully Ray at the top of the card? By my own calculations? Quite possible. How soon is something worth debating. Bound for Glory brings EVERYTHING into question and THAT is how to make PPV work for you. With TNA putting so much as a possibility, it makes the sheer number of options explode. There are so many logical options on the table now as to where to go next that it makes this Thursday a MUST-WATCH episode.

With Hardy as champion, we now have a new set of circumstances to operate from. This presents a possible hiccup as critics of Hardy will keep bringing up Victory Road. I was pulling for Aries to retain the belt, but Hardy DOES make things interesting....admit it, critics.

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