Friday, October 5, 2012


Last night, we got a bit more of the curtain rolled back and, true to predictions of mine, Bully Ray and Sting will be in the mix against Aces and Eights. This is good. We have the cards stacked in the deck and we'll have a winner that leads into Turning Point. Will it materialize into a World Title reign for Ray? That remains to be seen. While I'm happy about the development, this isn't the reason for this column.

TNA has been doing rather poorly as of the past two weeks now in delivering. Not on the segment side of things so much as the match quality side, which is a true shame considering the roster. I grant that it could be them getting psyched out about Bound for Glory, which comes up a week from Sunday, but the ramp up should have been FLAWLESS! There is no excuse for second rate matches or for champions who are still learning the craft and haven't gotten the hints (Zema Ion) that he isn't doing the title any favors.

In fact, the only feud that made me really care about the night was the Knockouts match. Sure, Joe retained the title, but when RVD looks as sloppy and slow as he did last night? A drunk monkey in a blindfold could do a better job. I know you tried to picture that. In any case, my point is that if TNA hopes to sell more than simply the elite on their product, they need to make sure that all hands are on their A-Game.

Aries and Hardy will be a good match and while I'm not prepared just yet to give predictions, I predict something special to be made that night from them. High spots. High intensity. High impact. High ratings in the highlights. Until that time, however, TNA NEEDS to do some kind of quality control to make sure things down fall apart within the rest of the show. Without a proper treatment of the matches leading into Bound for Glory, Turning Point may end up being just that.

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