Sunday, October 28, 2012

Cold Front.....

News from TNA suggests that the current Aces and Eights storyline could last 6 more months, maybe less. Now before I hear a groan, let me put this in perspective. In 5 months, we're looking at Lockdown and after that is Sacrifice, leading me to believe that there's the possibility of some great things on the horizon, not the least of which is further revelations of other members of the faction. Keep in the forefront of your mind how long it took in WWF for Vince McMahon to be revealed as the mastermind behind The Undertaker/Stone Cold/ Stephanie storyline. For those of you who DON'T remember, I'll tell you that this well planned story unfolded in 1998.

Over the course of 6 months, Steve Austin was involved in a storyline that involved the deepening of The Undertaker, launching the faction called The Ministry of Darkness. During this time, The Undertaker kidnapped Stephanie McMahon and, on RAW, intended to marry her in a dark wedding. She was saved by Steve Austin and was returned to the welcoming arms of Vince. Over the course of the next 2 months, the story evolved until finally, it was revealed that Vince had orchestrated the entire ordeal, leading into the next chapter in the Austin/McMahon epic. I grant that this is all in a nutshell, but the spirit of the story is there.

My reasoning in bringing all of this up is that TNA has been doing a decent job of keeping the continuity despite the story beginning to show signs of wear. I'll admit, I was getting tired of it all before Devon's reveal, but there's something compelling about it that has me hoping we'll see some delving into the Abyss character and how he relates to Joseph in the end. I'm also withholding some judgment until Turning Point, when there may be another reveal, hopefully buying more time in the patience of the fans.

Think about this, folks. At the end of the storyline, there will be more feuds open to negotiation. Why? Because there will be more members of the TNA roster. More members= more direction=more opportunity to grow as a company. Every member of Aces and Eights revealed gets a HUGE push right out of the gate and IMMEDIATE credibility. Just as Randy Orton and Batista got their pushes as members of Evolution, so too will those in the Aces and Eights. Devon has gone super-heel, overshadowing Bully Ray, making him look more like a tweener than a true heel. This is special because it shows how well TNA did in leading the social media and internet following.

So then, who's next to be unmasked? My sources tell me that we're looking at a final member count of 5, maybe 6. If I were a betting man, which I am, I'd put my money on Garett Bishoff or Wes Brisco. It was no accident that Wes Brisco was introduced in backstage segments during the amok antics of the Aces and Eights. Furthermore, Garett Bishoff hasn't been featured very prominently, leading me to question his loyalties. After that, it's anyone's guess.


  1. It was B risco and Garrett who came to the rescue at the end of Impact the other night!