Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Do I Say It?

Monday Night, WWE's programming did something I saw coming a mile away, it put up the worst rating in 15 years. 1997 was the last time WWE saw such dismal numbers. There was little in the way of sporting events to account for the loss of viewers other than what I have been saying for years now, WWE's PG format is beginning to show signs of wear.

Contrast that fact with TNA's consistent trend of 1.0 ratings and suddenly, it doesn't seem so far fetched to believe that TNA could go head to head with RAW in a couple of years, provided they continue to build their fanbase and not get too anxious to expand out of the Impact Zone. While moving around IS on the horizon, it should be noted that doing so right now would be a financial disaster. Why? Because recent figures suggest that they are having difficulty drawing even 1000 people to shows and it hasn't mattered whether they've been live events or taped televised shows.

Let me be clear, TNA IS growing, but not to such an extent to warrant leaving their home and traveling permanently. My advice to fans? Give it time. It'll come.

Another point of interest is the most recent interview Chris Jericho did with Busted Open Radio. Within the dialogue, Jericho touches on a great many points, not the least of which is CM Punk's main event match at Hell in a Cell, which to date, is the only actual Cell match on the gimmick named show. Go figure. At any rate, to read more in depth highlights of his interview, check out your favorite wrestling news site.

His thoughts on CM Punk and Ryback individually are what interested me. By his opinion, Punk has gone as far as he can as a heel in WWE. By his own admission, Punk's title reign is meaningless in the scheme of building Ryback as a major player. I happen to agree on both points. Unfortunately, the interviewer made no mention of his possibly making moves down south, but as always, ANYTHING is possible.

In upcoming columns, I plan on discussing a few things that many pro-WWE fanboys tend to over look about the rising company hailing from the Impact Zone. Talent rosters, divisions, and title values among other topics are on the way.

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