Saturday, October 20, 2012

Feudal Matters.....

So just where does TNA stand to go in terms of feuds going into the next PPV? I know I've been giving that matter some thought....particularly after the events of Thursday. We already know about Jeff Hardy and Austin Aries, but just how far will they go? I believe this feud is somewhat reminiscent of the CM Punk feud as Hardy was nearing his final WWE days. Since WWE wasn't fully able to capitalize on a full fledged long term program, the way TNA has with Storm and Roode, it's tough to say how far TNA could go with it. I do believe TNA is on the right track with the opening of a long term program as Austin Aries has a tremendous heel side that would fit in very well considering his match performance at Bound for Glory.

As for others? Here's my rundown of possible feuds going into Turning Point.

Bully Ray vs. Devon
Sting vs. The Leader

Since TNA hasn't made it clear yet as to whether or not Zema Ion's title chase will begin sooner than later, I will go out on a ledge and say that TNA has some unfinished business with Sonjay Dutt to attend to that will ultimately lead Zema Ion back into the chase. Ion needs to get some focus and charisma behind him to get the crowd to care about his eventual rise back to the title as a heel and culminating with the return of Jesse Sorenson.

I have a notion that we'll get a surprise at Turning Point. Tara isn't the only one with outside influences, but I WILL give you all a hint.....

Moving on, TNA has another division to work on....the Tag Team Division. Chavo and Hernandez have been booked pretty strongly so far, but then so have Kaz and Daniels, barring the Claire Lynch story. Why not put Morgan and Ryan in the division? The history of Hernandez and Morgan would be certain to add a bit of spice to the mix while also giving Kaz and Daniels someone to hang on the microphone with. 

In all of this, there is one little detail I haven't brought up.....Eric Young and ODB. If I've said it once, I've said it a thousand times.....either retire the Knockouts Tag Team Division or put it to use! I'll admit, I'm tired of saying it and if ODB insists on wearing the belt STILL, it has to mean TNA has plans, but God knows what they are. In fact, as far as I can see it, only two things can save this division.....any questions?

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