Sunday, October 14, 2012

Game Day....

As promised, I have full intentions of moving into analyzing the WWE vs. TNA supercard. For the moment, however, I'd like to take a moment to congratulate Sting on his induction to the TNA Hall of Fame. Some would make claims that it's too soon for TNA to have a Hall of Fame, but I happen to think otherwise. My reasons are simple. I believe it best to give prominent stars of the business some honor that have walked through TNA's door. These are talents who may never receive honors from WWE to be recognized for their contributions to the wrestling world.

Guys like Ken Shamrock, AJ Styles, Samoa Joe, Christopher Daniels, Petey Williams, Team 3D, The Motor City Machine Guns, Beer Money, America's Most Wanted, and a host of other talents could one day be inducted and rightfully so as members of a roster that values their own. With adopted talents like Ray and Devon, Jeff Hardy, and others who may well deserve the Hall of Fame honors with WWE, it could very well be that they won't until they decide they want to retire. But what if they retire with TNA? It seems best to me that they still be honored.

ANYWAY, now that THAT talking point is out of the way, I say we move on to the card. Before I walk onto the field, however, I would like to point out that the format we would HAVE to use for each match is the one that grants the most creative freedom in ring....TNA. SO, beginning with the undercard.....

Tessmacher vs. Eve......For a women's contest, this seems about as good as any WWE could muster without using their two powerhouses. That not withstanding, I like how TNA has been working with their talents by putting them through the riggers with some true wrestling greats like Tara, Mickie James, and Gail Kim. SO, with that said, I give the edge to Tess.

Antonio Cesaro vs. Samoa Joe......First off, with all of the Ring of Honor alums on this fantasy card, it seems that this one has me the most excited. But with that excitement comes a reality. Knowing what I do about WWE's product, complete with move bans and the restrictions that go hand in hand with that, I have to give the match to Joe. Joe works a stiffer style in ring than Antonio is allowed to.

The Miz vs. Zema Ion.......I truly believe that the Miz would be clueless as to how to deal with Ion's low restriction, high spot, risk-taking style going in ring. Nevertheless, I somehow get the feeling this might be a good looking match once they gelled. I expect a slow start and them picking up the pace as the match progressed with The Miz getting the W with simple experience as the factor.

Team Hell No vs. Kazarian and Daniels.......I LOVE this match. Why? It's a showcase of greats from three different places....WWE, TNA, and Ring of Honor. Kane and Daniels bring a level of experience that is unrivaled among every other match on this super card. Given some time, I think this could be a potential Match of the Night contender. In fact, though it might be a bit of a cop-out, I don't believe either team has a wide margin over the other, so I'd book this one as a time limit draw.

The Main Event- WWE vs. TNA.....If you'll notice TNA's line-up, you'll see a couple of glaring omissions; AJ Styles and Kurt Angle. Why not include them? I think this a simple question to answer: I wanted to pick a team new to the main event scene with only one veteran member to help shore up the odds. Further, Matt Morgan's inclusion comes with a promise in his contract renewal. Since he's been promised a more prominent position on the TNA roster, I thought, for the sake of size and stature, to include him.

TNA has an advantage here under their own format not only because of fewer restrictions, but also because they have something WWE doesn't.....namely more stars to choose from in their top tier. A wise fellow columnist once gave credit to TNA for creating a top tier filled with talents, rather than keeping the scene small, protecting a precious few from the mid-card. Under that mantra, it made this line-up something special. While I happen to be COMPLETELY unimpressed with the talents in WWE's main event scene, save for CM Punk, I think this could be a decent match, provided we can do one thing with the stipulations: Take away count-outs and disqualifications. In doing this, you can see glimmers of some things. Since Cena, Orton, and Punk came along BEFORE the PG era was enacted fully, I believe they will dictate how well this match goes.

So who do I believe has the edge? Naturally, I would say TNA. Why? Experience. I use that word HERE because I am referring to experience in a No Disqualification environment. Cena, Orton, and Punk have some experience, but Jeff Hardy was a part of the Attutude Era, which was famous for such a thing. Compundly, Austin Aries was a member of Ring of Honor for longer than Punk and they have a reputation for working a less restricted style as well. Some of the most brutal matches in recent years on TNA's card has featured Roode and Storm and, I believe brutality will be the key here. Truth be told....I don't want a match, I want a FIGHT. So victory has to go to TNA.

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