Monday, October 15, 2012

......GET THE TABLES!!!!

Devon as the first revealed MEMBER of Aces and Eights. Notice how I put emphasis on the word MEMBER. Being the first member does NOT mean he has been the leader this whole time and now that he has been unmasked, I can see Jeff Jarrett more clearly behind the madness. But you know, after all the weeks of build and this payoff, I'm not so disappointed at the prospect of Jeff Jarrett being behind it all. Do I hope it isn't Jarrett? Sure, but does Devon soften the pangs of disappointment in the possibility? For me, it does.

So now, the roles of Ray and Devon have almost completely shifted, with the two switching roles in one 30 second time span. One fellow columnist makes the assertion that even though Devon may not be the leader of the faction, he HAS allowed them into the arena and has been the mole in the organization the whole time.

The great thing about Bound for Glory this year is that I have had difficulty waiting to post columns as quickly as I can write them. Thursday is going to be special. Believe it. In fact, I hope the leader in his mask confronts the situation head-on. I hope he reveals that Devon has been the mole in the yard, but you have yet to uncover who the mastermind is. He opened the door, but turning the tides came from somewhere else.

In this story, which is unfolding slowly, but surely, I can see everything finally being put to rest at Final Resolution and how appropriate. With only two PPVs to go on the year, TNA is putting the finishing touches on the best and most consistently good year in their history. I'm of the belief that any good wrestling promotion has to consist of logical stories, compelling characters, stand-out divisions, and strong leadership both behind the scenes and in ring. TNA is putting out some of the best in wrestling today and their ambassadors, the talents and Dixie, herself, have been making good headway in determining the fate of a company most dismissed as the number 2 company in the nation......until now.

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  1. hope i am wrong bit just pitting an idea out there. garrett bishoff may be the leader. now devon (his mentor is in aces and eights it may make sence. plus you seen his face the other week when he didnt get picjed for the tv title match