Tuesday, October 9, 2012


Over the course of my time writing here, I've read some good perspectives and bad. I've found some good places to gain insight as well as some whose only goal seems to be disruption and the undoing of progress. Far be it from me to call one place bad and another good in terms of their opinions because everyone is entitled to their own point of view. I WILL, however, say that I have my favorites. I suppose the subject of this column is to give some shoutouts and address some alternating viewpoints.

This is an exciting time to be a TNA fan as their influence is spreading. They've announced some pretty influential television deals all over the world that will aid in their work done here. Middle Eastern countries as well as European in routes will enable them to take the product further. In fact, by the beginning of 2013, TNA will be broadcasting in 26 new countries, according to their most recent press release.

Before I go overboard with the exciting developments TNA has in store for the rest of the world, I'd like to send a shout out to the admin of the BULLY RAY (TNA) Facebook fan page. It would seem that the TNA Enforcer has a younger brother. It excites me to see fledgling blogs taking off as I've been doing this with over 550 columns strong. There is some decent perspective to be found there. Different from what you'll find here, but if everyone had the SAME thoughts, it wouldn't be worth reading.....am I right? Nevertheless, I have some insights for the most recent column over there in a moment.

For now, I have other thoughts. Impact. Last week. Al Snow was having a conversation with someone about the house shows Matt Morgan has been making his presence known at. That person is none other than Bruce Pritchard, VP of Talent Relations and Communications. Now, I've mentioned that he isn't the biggest fan of women's wrestling, which is fine as stated above, alternate views are acceptable. But, overextending that view and pressing it so far as to cut matches short or write absurd storylines into the Knockouts Division landscape is NOT. Do I believe he should be fired over his opinion? Absolutely NOT! Since taking over as the head of the creative team, storylines and the product overall has been more cohesive, more directed, and generally more focused. TNA is doing better with him at the helm. He DOES, however, need to understand that the Knockouts Division is specialty division that set TNA apart from WWE and made TNA where women want to go to showcase rather than become arm dressing for the newest flavor of the week.

All Knockouts viewpoints aside, though, a question was put to me just yesterday. Why ban Matt Morgan indefinitely? THAT, I believe, is foreshadowing at its best. I read a BEAUTIFUL piece of prediction done by the admin of yet another fan site. He suggests that Matt Morgan will be the deciding factor in the Aces and Eights match, making that ban null and void. If Matt Morgan is a member of Aces and Eights, he would take an equal part in the spoils of the match, should they win. A fine point, if I do say so myself.

Fact is, there is another performer who would have something to gain LEGALLY if he were a part of Aces and Eights. Namely Abyss. Sure, Jeff Jarrett is the front runner in the rumor mill and Eric Bischoff is running in a close second, but I would put Abyss in the running as well to continue a feud that would put Bully Ray back into title contention. I still hold that Eric OR Jeff would be logical but a mistake, but putting both together would go even further. It'd be a disaster, unless they have a REALLY good reason for it. Fact is, the reason had better be mind-blowing, or the IWC will simply stop watching. You think I'm kidding, but no. Right now, a great deal of the internet wrestling community, who are notoriously hard on TNA, are waiting for them to screw this one up and the vast majority have called for Bischoff's resignation in the past. Some would even forgive Jeff Jarrett as the leader of Aces and Eights, but the rehash of Immortal would COMPLETELY put to death every last forward step they've made over the course of the story.

I realize that this column is a bit of everything rolled into one meandering blot, but I do appreciate the patience. I hope to continue the tag team column with TFC in the coming days and I look forward to posting those thoughts as soon as we can get them up.

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