Sunday, October 21, 2012

Pick-up Lines.....

Ever since Bound for Glory, I've had plenty of things on my mind, many of which I've revealed here. There are, however, a few more ideas I have to make this special. I've suggested that Velvet Sky could serve as a distraction for Tara's main squeeze, but IF TNA decided to put together a brawl of power couples, I can see no better three-way than this.....

In this scenario, the power couples seen here would be introduced AFTER Tara and Jesse have been declared as potentials for the Knockouts Tag Team Titles. Even if the pairings don't last, it seems to me that THIS would be the way to introduce something new to the mix. I understand that Morrison and Melina haven't been reality TV stars or even stars OUTSIDE of reality TV, but their characters have been A-List forever.

I respect TNA's wisdom in removing the weight limit from the X Division. This makes the X Title even more coveted than the TV Title. Why? Option C. With the X Title, it creates a great deal of competition within the main roster and makes that title look every bit as important as the Intercontinental Title did in WWF when The Rock, Stone Cold, and Triple H were fighting over it. It creates the possibility of some AMAZING match-ups and the ability to give Zema Ion and a returning Jesse Sorenson a GREAT resume.

Another thought I've been entertaining is that of the TV Title, now that I've already mentioned it. Right now, Magnus and Joe are in the number for the belt, but there are a couple of people I have in mind to add to their number.

Mr. Anderson.....Right now, he has nothing to do and the TV Title needs someone to help make it look like something special. He can carry a microphone. He can work a passable match, when the stakes are made to look important.

AJ Styles.....He INVENTED the darn thing, why NOT include him? Okay, actually Nash did, but AJ Styles is the most decorated performer to hold that title since it was cast. I think bringing in Styles would do great things to elevate the title out of the mire.

One last note: Turning Point is supposed to be the PPV to bring the finalized members of the Aces and Eights into the roster, at least for the short term. It seems fitting that the PPV feature a member in every title match save for the World Title, in any case. The TV Title, the X Division Title, the Tag Team Titles.....why not? It would give some added incentive to win them back come time for Final Resolution in December.

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