Monday, October 22, 2012


Before I do ANYTHING else, I want to thank you guys for coming here day after day. I realize that some of this stuff that comes across this page is a bit repetitive, but I do appreciate the patience. So, as a performer not unlike those I write about, I salute you for the honor of doing this. This is another landmark post as it's the first post after reaching 100,000 page views. That's a HUGE number and I have no idea how it happened, but thank you all just the same.

NOW, with Bound for Glory in the rear view and Turning Point speculation already put into the system, I'd like to take a moment to slow things down a bit and look at a few favorites. Since some of you are new to this page, I'd like to give spotlight to a few stars who either need to make a return for nostalgia's sake, or others who need to be signed for years.

Michael Shane aka. Matt Bentley
As Kazarian's former tag team partner, I can see no better time to bring him back if they want to make something special out of the Tag Team Division. Placing him with someone like Crimson or even one of the new Gut Check contestants like Sam Shaw would be a good way to give them a running start into the scene.

Monty Brown
I happen to miss "the Alpha Male". Most fans of TNA would remember him from 2003 until his departure in 2006. Unfortunately, management of the day didn't treat him with the kind of fanfare they should have. By giving him a title run at the end of the Planet Jarrett storyline, they may have been able to keep him as a prominent member of the roster rather than allowing him to go to WWE after his run in 2006.

Lance Hoyt
Of the big men who have left TNA, this is the guy I want to see the most. Why? He's agile, he works REALLY hard, and he's another TNA could have ridden right to the top on. His charisma wasn't top notch, but his ring work was refreshing for the day.

Nikki Roxx
For those of you who don't remember......her debut name was Roxxi Leveaux. Upon her last appearance in TNA, she was put in a career match up against Madison Rayne. Had TNA kept her in place, we may be watching a very different Knockouts Division. The fact of the matter is that TNA needs to bring back a couple of experienced Knockouts and Nikki is about as good as they could ever hope to get back without attempting to bring someone out of retirement.

Petey Williams
If there was EVER a doubt in people's minds that I would bring him up......remember this.....

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