Sunday, October 28, 2012

Ry Van Back and Heck in a Fence.....

I managed to watch 20 minutes of WWE's PPV tonight. I'll never get that time back. I watched the ending of the World Title match, which was NOT in the cell, I might add. I also TRIED to sit through the Divas Triple Threat match, but was unsuccessful. I finally tuned in to see WWE's "Next Big Thing" vs. CM Punk. Take a guess how long the match lasted.....about 10-12 minutes.....and I got the screwjob ending I was expecting.

You know, as much as I rag on WWE Creative for their general lack of ambition, and direction for that matter, I really want to see them pull things together. It's a hard thing to watch (from the safety of the TNA compound) the company I grew up loving being trivialized and ruined by lesser men, put in charge by a man who has lost his edge.

While WWE sends out their spin team on damage control for all the dissatisfied people who paid nearly 40 bucks for one of the worst showings they've had in years, SOME in certain circles, got exactly what they paid for....nothing. WWE may frown on people who use streaming sites to watch their PPVs, but when the current product has more in common with WCW's final days than with WWF's prime, I see no reason to criticize.

Why am I ranting? I realize I only watched 20 minutes in an establishment showing the event, but the way I see it, WWE had the chance to put things into motion that would have established BOTH Punk AND Ryback as main event tier stars, but with Ryback having never faced a top tier star until now, his road becomes that much harder. WWE Creative NOW has to find a way to salvage Ryback's credibility and put him back on their timetable without building towards a feud that might last until the Royal Rumble if they want to have ANY chance of putting together a match between Punk and The Rock.

Do I care? In a way. If WWE sabotages their own product as often as they have in recent years, allowing TNA to win by default, I don't see it as a true victory....not in the purest sense. If TNA wishes to be seen as the best in the world of professional wrestling, it means MUCH MORE if their rivals are operating at optimal levels. Take the Money in the Bank briefcase, for example. Which gives the fans more bang for their buck, cashing in on a beaten down champion to win the title or cashing in at the beginning of the PPV to face a fresh opponent? RVD, of course. The same logic applies to the world of the wrestling business as a whole.

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