Monday, October 1, 2012

The Great Exchange....Part 2: Their Move

Bobby Roode
AJ Styles
Samoa Joe
Christopher Daniels

Sounds as though WWE got the cream of the crop, doesn't it? While at least one would call it a stupid move on my part to trade away this particular list of talents, I would argue that under the conditions of the trade, it makes some sense. WWE would no longer be able to rely on their cash cow to save them, nor on their second place face, CM Punk. Instead, they would either have to utilize their newfound acquisitions or bury them.

NOW, barring the fact that WWE has NEVER given a former TNA original a shot at greatness, I'll use my powers of wishful thinking in the belief that they WOULD use Bobby Roode the right way. In the same way, I would hope that in remembrance of the man who they modeled after Joe, Umaga, that they would use him properly as well. Putting Joe or the newly streak-broken Crimson up against the likes of Ryback seems the most logical place to start.

As far as Roode is concerned, rivalries with Cody Rhodes, Daniel Bryan, and even Sheamus could bring each of them to a new level. The fact is, Joe could do the same. But even more than that, Daniels and AJ Styles would probably end up in WWE's Tag Team Division anyway and together, no less. I, personally, believe both could be invaluable to build a division around. Could they work independently? Absolutely. I believe putting the Fallen Angel as a minion of the Undertaker would work out wonderfully in another era. Here, however, I fully believe they need one another to survive in WWE's treacherous waters.

Under the present conditions, I truly believe the best talents in TNA would be wasted under the banner of Vince McMahon. THAT, more than any other reason, is why I sabotaged the conditions of their arrival. I'm sure it sounds like a contradiction, but going back into the archives, I can name a vast many columns where I have made it perfectly clear the history of the WWE's misuse of former TNA talents.

While my opinions in recent posts have earned me some controversy, I assure you all, the opinions are my own.

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