Saturday, October 20, 2012

The Multi-Purpose Room....

So APPARENTLY, WWE is having a tough time determining how best to end their Hell in a Cell PPV with Ryback and CM Punk in their main event. Why? As I have stated time and time again, ever since Goldberg, "The Undefeated Streak" has been a curse to every in ring performer. When a creative team is faced with a proposition like a streak, they have to confront a HUGE problem....what happens when they lose a match? Where do they go from there? I'd like to talk about an exception to what I'm going to call the "law of the Streak".....I'm talking about Brock Lesnar.

Brock Lesnar had an undefeated streak from his debut in March of 2002 all the way until Survivor Series in November of the same year. His rise had a few notable exceptions to the rule....

1. His opponents on PPV were ALWAYS main event players. Some would use Samoa Joe as a rebuttal, but even AJ Styles, who was featured in prominence at the main event level later, wasn't a top tier player at the time.

2. His undefeated streak lasted LESS than a year.

3. His streak was broken by outside factors that allowed him to remain in the top spot. When Brock was defeated by the Big Show at Survivor Series, the victory featured Paul Heyman punching out the referee, allowing Show to get a chokeslam off before a new referee was sent to count for the pin, making Brock Lesnar's story of retribution the driving force on the blue brand for the remaining time leading up to Wrestlemania the following year. So his story was never treated to the same kind of fanfare as that of Goldberg before him or the other "streak" contenders after him.

There is a reason for my bringing up Lesnar in this column. He has been tossed about in creative team meetings as a means of ending the match in DQ fashion. In response, a potential Lesnar vs. Ryback feud would ensue leading up to the culmination at Royal Rumble. While I happen to see this as the best possible scenario, officials aren't high on spending the money on an EXTRA venture that wasn't planned.

To switch gears, I was just listening to an interview....even now, after the exchange of questions, I'm impressed as to the man's poise behind a microphone. He makes a better ambassador now than he did when he came on board a couple years back. I'm talking about Eric Bischoff. I'm not just going to tell you about it either......have a listen for yourself....

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