Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The Rising Mid....

Joey Ryan, Matt Morgan, Magnus, Samoa Joe.....these four talents make up what was Sunday's TV Title match and a pivotal contract match. In columns past, I have spoken a great deal about each one of these talents, making a great deal of noise, stating that they each promise to move up the card. Where Joe has already been to the top of the mountain and more than once, at that, his former tag team partner and now feud-mate, Magnus has yet to ascend to such heights.

I happen to believe Matt Morgan to be among those in line to get a push and this alliance will buy both he AND Joey Ryan the time to get the other into a feud within their respective title scenes. Additionally, I believe Magnus' rise to the top will include dethroning Joe and holding the TV Title for a respectable reign before joining the World Title scene possibly near the beginning of the coming year.

Now onto a player I have NOT talked about yet.....Jesse Godderz. What to say.....he reminds me of an early days version of Chris Masters. The true test of his fortitude will depend greatly upon who his first opponent will be once his story has gotten into full swing. It'll be interesting to see how much press his presence garners TNA during the Knockouts segments this coming week. I DO have prediction, however. Tara will have a new feud to look forward to once hers with Tess is over. A returning Velvet Sky could serve as a ready distraction for her new squeeze, making for a compelling serving of drama to go with the Knockouts Title scene. All this notwithstanding, Mr. Godderz is going to have to work EXTRA hard to break out into his own. History isn't kind to TNA's attempts to interweave relationships and the entering into a title scene of any kind.

I am overjoyed that we have a new player to add to the X Division shuffle. With RVD as the new champion, I think we'll FINALLY get something shocking out of Zema Ion. Face it, he has been stagnant and his reign has gone largely overlooked. I, for one, believe that removing the strap was necessary to freshen his character as well as put more variety into the division. Now that the weight limit seems to be off, we can move back to the former slogan....it's not about weight limits, it's about NO limits. And with the additional power that Joey Ryan brings to the table, I think things will be shaken up quite a bit indeed.

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