Sunday, October 7, 2012

The Rundown....

I've made a promise. And since I make good on those, this is what you have been asking about. "What are your predictions for Bound for Glory?" I HAD been wanting to wait until after this week's episode of Impact before making predictions, but after what I would consider a rather dull pair of episodes the past two weeks, I doubt very much that anything of consequence will change my predictions. SO, with that thought on record, I say we launch in, shall we?

Bobby Roode vs. James Storm w/King Mo as Enforcer-
I doubt this feud will last much further into the future as BFG tends to be the storybook ending. In my opinion, this ends with James Storm finally getting the upper hand. Why? Because it's what we've wanted to see happen since shortly after last year's role reversal of Bobby Roode. This is where James Storm becomes the top contender and, in my opinion, where his chase after the World Title begins again.

Samoa Joe vs. Magnus for the TV Title-
It's no secret that I'm a mark for Samoa Joe, but something isn't quite sitting well with me about this match. Why? Because I get the sneaking suspicion that TNA upper management sees Joe as an enhancement talent as opposed to a World Title contender. What does this mean? I believe it means that Joe will be dropping the title to Magnus to give him a chance to run with it. I wouldn't be a bit surprised to see the feud continue into the next PPV if they play their cards a bit differently, but in this case, I see Magnus walking away with the gold.

Chavo/Hernandez vs. AJ/Angle vs. Daniels/Kaz for the Tag Team Titles-
I'll just come out and say it. I LOVE this match. I can see something very special coming of this if TNA gives it some time. If we're looking at a 15-20 minute match, I think we'll see some decent high spots, some good chain wrestling, and a true clinic. They just need the time to make that happen. That being said, I happen to know TNA is high on giving Chavo and Hernandez a run with the belts. By my best guess, Kaz and Daniels will be looking at the belts around someone else's waists by the end of the match. For the sake of ending the Daniels/AJ feud once and for all, I'm going with Chavo and Hernandez.

Tara vs. Tessmacher for the Knockouts Title-
The Tessmacher experiment is over. I believe it was good run and an even better learning experience for Brooke as she has been thrown the best TNA can offer at her. Now, however, I get the impression that TNA is ready to move on. By putting the Knockouts Title around the waist of one of their most decorated veterans, they can bring in a new challenger to the mix.

Zema Ion vs. ? for the X Division Title-
I've stated before that Ion needs some kind of transformation in order to succeed and I stand by that remark. I don't think this match is even a critical one to the Jesse Sorenson story UNLESS he makes some kind of appearance. If Sorenson costs Ion the match and, as it turns out, the title? Well, we'll see something that could shift the tides in favor of Ion.....motive for change. Either way, I don't see Ion keeping the title beyond the PPV.

Sting and Bully Ray vs. Aces and Eights-
I realize that I've said PLENTY about this match and I have no intention of making any further assessments. Either no contest or loss.

Austin Aries vs. Jeff Hardy for the World Heavyweight Title-
This is the match I've been asked about the most since No Surrender. My short answer is that no one wins. The thing about this match is that TNA CAN'T win here. If Aries wins, they risk losing Jeff once his contract runs out. If Hardy wins, the critics will be up in arms about Hardy not deserving the belt after Victory Road of last year, despite his reform. While I believe the upheaval over Hardy winning is PETTY and trivial, TNA, I doubt, will underestimate the way fans will view another reign by Jeff in the short run.

Something else has rumbled on the horizon, however. Matt Morgan. I know I've mentioned him in regards to possible involvement in the Aces and Eights situation, but for the past month or so, he's been showing up at house shows in street clothes, completely on his own and with the agenda of destroying members of the roster. In his last Twitter message he mentioned having made a statement, but that none of it compares to what's coming. Could he be thinking of running in on the World Title match to make his statement?

Joey Ryan vs. Al Snow for a Spot on the TNA Roster-
Joey wins via trickery and cheating. I doubt very much that TNA is interested in keeping this story going, even in the short term.

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