Saturday, October 6, 2012

TNA...A Super-power?

Let's face it, TNA isn't a least not yet. This, contrary to what a great many critics might try to tell you, isn't a far stretch. In fact, I've listened to a great many experts, who are much more versed than I am in the field who can confirm my suspicions. TNA will become a major power within the next couple of years. So what can TNA do to garner more fans and finally take on the giant on the hill? Every 6 months or so, I think I manage to bring this up. Since I began bringing it up, TNA has made a few changes.

-Elevating the X Title- the "Option C" clause.
-Going live on Thursday broadcasts
-Bringing Joey Ryan back into the fold

These are a good beginning. The problem exists when one storyline overshadows everything else. Yeah, I said it. Even the Aces and Eights, as important and pivotal as it is, isn't worth overshadowing the Knockouts and X Divisions. Simple as that. There still must be a solid focus of attention on the specialty divisions in order to make ANY headway. I happen to miss the World X Cup and Knockouts Battle Royals and all of that kind of stuff. Why? Because it made those divisions very focused.

So my thoughts about how to shift TNA up a gear?

1. Pick up the Knockouts Division. I've said it before. I love the division. They are EXTREMELY talented, sexy women who all know how to work like the consummate professionals they are. TNA is on another level for the reason that they get some time to showcase. My gripe is the ability to jump into a main event level match. Why? Because it'd be something new....something refreshing. They did it a few years back when Kong and Gail Kim main evented an episode of Impact. That's the kind of thing I'm talking about. Unless there was something dramatic to warrant a PPV main event, I don't see that kind of feud taking the center stage, but Impact can afford to allow it.

1b. The VP of the Knockouts Division.

2. Move or move. Being live is only the first step. If TNA hopes to grow, the Impact Zone needs to grow as well. That being said, moving up or moving out is the idea they need to shoot for. TNA's production looks smaller than they are. If they can move into a larger sound stage, they should, but if there are no larger accommodations can be found within Universal Studios, they need to move into a larger venue. TNA is beginning to experience growing pains.

3. Solve the problem of X. The X Division is floundering under the reign of Zema Ion. When it was being held by Austin Aries, the X Title was gaining some notoriety again, but once the title was fought over and won by Ion, it lost something. For one, it's not defended quite often enough. Secondly, the character of Ion is so flat and so boring, I'm not surprised it has lost so much attention.

So how do we fix the X Division? One of two ways. Either turn the volume up on the Zema Ion character or take the belt off of him entirely. Ion needs to get some mic time and build some actual heat from the crowds or he needs a mouthpiece to do the work for him. THAT is the only hope for Ion.

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