Friday, October 19, 2012

Trail Mix.....

With another episode of Impact on the books, I have so many thoughts running through my head....but where to begin....

-Tara's next opponent?
-Austin Aries' treatment of the Hardy Championship?
-Matt Morgan's conversation with Hogan?
-The Storm/Roode segment?
-ODB and Eric Young's relationship?
-Sting's agreement with Bully Ray?

I have a blanket statement to make.....TNA has so much going on that it very nearly REQUIRES another hour's worth just to fit everything in. I'm not talking about 3 hour Impact. That, friends, would be STUPID. Not only would it wear out the goodwill of fans, it would create brand new problems, namely those on the creative side of things. That notwithstanding, I've got a laundry list of thoughts on Impact and not to put too fine a point on it, not everything is good.

To begin with, Robbie E. should NOT be allowed any more TV Title shots for the rest of his life. If Devon is no longer champion, his feud with the Robbies should not be inflicted upon the NEW champion. All due respect to the creative team, feuds aren't usually inherited. My advice? Move on.

Next in line? Tara. When I mentioned that a new challenger would be in order, ODB wasn't quite what I had in mind, not that it's not a decent idea. In fact, I'm intrigued as to how this could play out with both Eric Young and Sodderz as reality show stars. I'm willing to give this a couple of weeks' before making any judgements about it.

Austin Aries and Jeff Hardy....This is a subject I wanted to bring up to begin with, concerning their match at Bound for Glory. Is it just me, or did BOTH men fight like sadistic heels more than heroic faces? I have no idea how things changed, but they both looked like they wanted to kill each other in the ring. That being said, on Impact, both men have this "tweener" vibe. Tarnished heroes are how I would phrase it. The good thing? It isn't quite over and Aries is about as determined as he can be. The bad news? The Immortal Championship belt is back and I daresay, it won't be leaving for at least a couple of months.

I only have one problem with what is going down in the Aces and Eights storyline. Bully Ray is about to be turned fully face and it's at the expense of his title hunt. The Bound for Glory Series was gifted to Jeff Hardy for a number of reasons, but his first title defense comes next week against Bully Ray? The knowledge of the existence of Devon on the other side of the fence leads me to conclude that Ray is going to lose, being robbed by his brother. This time, however, it'll be Ray on the winning side as TNA officials are high on Ray having a run with the title in the coming months. This will be a good moment for fans and critics alike, but the path is going to be somewhat daunting to watch after an entire summer's worth of work being set aside for first things first.

Are Roode and Storm done feuding or is there another chapter to be written for the rivalry? I have no idea where they can go from Bound for Glory. The bloody mess was a testament to hard fought battles and yet another thing WWE can't deliver on anymore....all out brawls. You won't see another Triple H vs. HBK bout featuring Last Man Standing rules in the current product. Let that sink in.

My last thought is about Matt Morgan. His place is a bit more prominent, true enough, but is he any closer to the World Heavyweight Title? I would argue that he is. My guess is that Morgan won't reach the top this year, but maybe as soon as Lockdown, we can see something special for him....his first reign as champion.

I predict that Hardy will retain the Immortal belt until Final Resolution, where he'll drop the belt to Bully Ray. Ray will have a couple of months as champion before finally losing to a heel champion, possibly even Mr. Anderson, who will hold it until Lockdown, where Morgan will take the reins. These are rough estimates, but foreshadowing seems to be there.

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