Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Ultimate Fantasy Part 1.) Joe's Gonna Kill You

WWE's "Next Big Thing" since Lesnar, Ryback is on a streak. I say we put the clock on stop and suspend to bring a worthy challenger from TNA's ranks....Samoa Joe. Let's re-imagine the contest taking place during the 18 month long streak of Joe. I do this for a number of reasons, not the least of which being Joe's intensity just a few years ago vs. that of today.

My favorite question to answer in ANY of my columns is that of WHY. I do this because, quite often, the reason and rationale has to be given in relation to evidences outside of opinion. Simply put, if I want to convince ANYONE that my stance is the right one, I CANNOT weigh in with only my opinion to defend me. So how did I arrive at this match-up in particular? Two reasons....

1.) Fans of WWE's product have made comparisons between Ryback and Goldberg. Though that might be a good match-up, Goldberg is a retired man, while Samoa Joe's streak lasted nearly as long AND he's still active. Compound that fact with Joe's agility, which by my estimation trumps that of his streak holding predecessor.

2.) Recent news of Ryback's performance both in live events and Monday Night RAW, both of which I will address shortly.

The fanfare of the Internet Wrestling Community would be off the charts and the hype surrounding a match like this would most certainly be among the most perfect match-ups of the recent era between the two wrestling companies. I have my own thoughts about how this match would go down, but in light of the most recent news captured both on YouTube and WWE programming, the contest may be shorter than some might expect. Why?

Sunday night, at a WWE Live Event, Ryback botched his signature finishing maneuver, "Shell Shocked" on Paul Heyman. Had this been an isolated incident, my opinion of the match's finish would be split down the center, but fact is, it isn't. Three weeks ago, he failed to hoist Lord Tensai (the man once known as A-Train or Albert) not once, but TWICE to deliver his finisher. That speaks volumes about how reliable Ryback's abilities really are. Failing to deliver on a finishing move tells me only one thing.....the move is either too dependent on Ryback's strength or that of the opponent's ability to aid in it's execution.

Superstars like Chris Jericho, Chris Benoit, Kurt Angle, and others in the top tier of the wrestling elite all have one thing in common....multiple finishing moves. Each had not only a high impact finisher, but a submission, or secondary finisher as well. If Ryback is to ever rise above his current state in the court of public opinion, WWE needs to address the possibility of adding another maneuver to his portfolio in the event his first attempts fail once more. light of Ryback news of the day, Joe's intensity and ability to rise to the occasion in more ways than one, I only have one chant and it isn't "feed me more"......


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