Thursday, October 25, 2012

Ultimate Fantasy Part 2.) ....vs. Vince McMahon

In this column, I'd like to take a look at the potential feuds of three men from TNA and the kind of rivalry they could launch against the WWE CEO. The war that could be wrought would be amazing, but MY scenario would feature the potential of those three man going into war as a stable with one man leading the charge and finally coming to blows with Vince. My first question going into a scenario like this is who has the most motive? Let's have a look?

Austin Aries- His not making the cut in WWE's short lived Tough Enough television show is a tough sell in my book. Why would WWE deny Aries if they could see something he could bring to the table? I, personally, have no Earthly idea. The eventual winner of the show the year he tried out was released after having made one appearance on the main roster before being shipped back to developmental and then given his walking papers, the process took less than 8 months. I'd have been livid.

Samoa Joe- Some would say I've got a vendetta against WWE that I'd love to see Joe carry out and, to some degree, they're right. This particular member of the TNA roster, after being offered a contract by WWE, refused it and so the top brass in Stamford made an executive decision. They went to their roster, pulled a name out, and modeled the man who emerged AFTER Joe. Does the name Umaga ring a bell? How would YOU respond?

Kurt Angle- "A cup of coffee and a gold medal don't mean s*&!" Nice words coming from Vince to one of the best all around performers to ever grace the squared circle. After having been moved from RAW to Smackdown, back to RAW and finally demoted to the fledgling AND short-lived ECW brand, Angle bowed out......only to cross the line. His prodding WWE to "watch what I do" makes me believe this would be something special.

SO....with three of TNA's best on one hand and a set of IMPARTIAL WRESTLING writers (not soap opera writers, I might add) on the other, I say put a plan into motion and set up a HUGE spectacle on TNA's stomping grounds. For once, TNA could be on the offensive. TNA would be the conquerers, not that they won't eventually anyway.....

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