Friday, October 26, 2012

Ultimate Fantasy Part 3.) The Trojan Horse

I've been thinking about the very thing Bischoff and Hogan were before the nWo was formed....what can we do that's never been done before? And then it occurred to me, what if every former WWE talent hijacked a WWE PPV for real BEFORE Vince could get security in place to stop them? WWE tried to invade Nitro while they were live in progress, but were stopped by WCW's security and the doors were shut. Here's MY scenario:

January 27, 2013....Phoenix, Arizona:
WWE has been broadcasting the 26th annual Royal Rumble for nearly 2 and a half hours when the unthinkable happens. All of a sudden, audibles from McMahon and the sound booth are no longer heard. The 90 second countdown has begun. During that time, commentators, and all other manner of recording and talent personnel have been replaced by TNA staffers. The countdown has reached single digits now and the crowd begins counting down in unison.

The countdown reaches zero and the lights go out. The audience goes crazy as a laugh starts to come across the PA system. A white light appears at the entrance and the laugh continues. By now the crowd is getting feverish, having never seen this kind of entrance before. The light goes out once more and a spotlight centers in on the ring, where Sting is standing, microphone in hand. He's joined by every former WWE Superstar on TNA's roster. Anderson, Hardy, RVD, Angle, Guerrero, Jarrett, Bully Ray, Devon, Pope, Hogan, Christy Hemme, Tara, Gail Kim, Mickie James, Taryn Tarrell, and Taz.

"Rumors have been circulating about whether this year will be the year I make a jump." he begins.
"This year was no different. And then it occurred to me that we need to try something new. Your regularly scheduled Rumble match WILL continue, but as for the last 10 spots. I think we'll leave those for MY crew."

He points to the entrance ramp and brand new entrance music brings AJ Styles to the ring to a thunderous applause. WWE talents remaining in the ring believe this to be a WWE planned thing, so the event carries on. The final 10 entrants in the Royal Rumble are ALL TNA originals and the line-up goes something like this....

AJ Styles
James Storm
Bobby Roode
Samoa Joe
Matt Morgan
Austin Aries

"But Matt Morgan isn't a TNA Original," some critics would say. My response? SHUT UP! WWE HAD their chance to make something out of him and they flubbed it twice. TNA repackaged him and redubbed him as the "DNA of TNA" That fact alone gives TNA liberties to call him their own. The Royal Rumble match would end that night with a BRAND NEW winner...leaving WWE wondering how to move from there.....