Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Ultimate Fantasy Part 4.) Gone Rogue....

I know what some of you are thinking.....where could he possibly take this blog after yesterday's pipe bomb? Business as usual. Since I doubt VERY much many WWE fanboys are in a fight picking mood, I see no reason to beat a dead horse. All that is left is to point to each body falling off of the WWE bandwagon. So, in keeping with the spirit of bandwagon falling......

Monday, October 3rd. The day after Hell in a Cell last year, RAW faced quite possibly the least believable situation....all the talents, staff, officials, and crew walked out on the Chief Operations Officer, Triple H. While no one believed it to be true, today I pose the question.....what if it was? If WWE had released every person who walked out that day and handed out pink slips to every man and woman leaving the arena that night, what would have happened? Where would they have gone? ROH? TNA? I'd like to dig a little deeper and explore the possibility of what MIGHT have been if the RAW walkout had been real.

First off, bear in mind that every talent who walks through the doors of WWE signs a contract containing one of the most restrictive pieces of legal-eze to ever grace a page, the no-compete clause, which states that after TERMINATION, any performer must wait 90 days before competing for a televised entity. Now, characters like Christian never waited because their contract was already up by the time they were done with WWE, meaning they could go wherever they wished without waiting. But guys like Kurt Angle, Jeff Hardy, Taz, Tara, Gail Kim and others weren't featured until the clause had run its course.

NOW, there were a few exceptions to the walkout. In fact, a majority of the face population was absent from RAW that night, as were the bulk of Smackdown's roster (assuming there were true separation between the brands). But what I'm wanting to cover is just who would likely show up in TNA after the walkout took place. This is the list of PERFORMERS:

Mark Henry
Cody Rhodes
Ezekiel Jackson
Dolph Ziggler
Wade Barrett
Alberto Del Rio
Sin Cara
Jack Swagger
Heath Slater
Mason Ryan
Jinder Mahal
Titus O'Neil
Darren Young
Kofi Kingston
Evan Bourne
And EVERY Diva on the roster

Some pretty compelling talents on the docket there. I didn't even list J.R., Jerry Lawler, and Michael Cole. Keep in mind that the Aces and Eights storyline hadn't started until right about the time the no compete clause was up for each. The fact is, if things had run their course naturally, the first possible debut date would have been set for either the beginning of January OR the beginning of February, depending upon when precisely the termination was put into effect.

In TNA, things would have been brewing towards the first debut of Aces and Eights. I would have written it with Christian being the leader, revealed at Turning Point or Final Resolution this year, leading to the additions of

Mason Ryan
Wade Barrett
Beth Phoenix
The Bella Twins

I picked the talents in this scenario, but truth is, I wouldn't have taken any more from the WWE roster save for Jim Ross to couple with the newest recruit, tag teaming the two hours of action. I can think of no one better to initiate a new announcer than to pair him with the likes of the greatest announcer of the past 50 years.

Among my picks, I can hear gasping over Kaitlyn and the Bellas. Why them? Simple Near the end of their tenure with WWE, I saw a glimmer of hope from Brie Bella as a competent women's wrestler and not just eye candy. Fact is, that opinion has extended to include Kaitlyn in that number. Bouts including the three training alongside someone like Tara or Mickie James or Gail Kim or even ODB would be profoundly beneficial for everyone involved.

As for Mason Ryan and Wade Barrett? I can see a healthy tag team rivalry between them and Kaz and Daniels, making for a great many tremendous matches. If either one or both ended up at the top of the card, I think we'd see a lot of satisfied men and women, seeing as WWE has had NO CLUE how best to utilize them.


  1. For a guy who dislikes the wwe.... you sure know a ton about it! do you watch it just to see there flubs? Spend 40- 50 bucks on thier ppv's just to turn them off 20 minutes into it? we know wwe messes up....WE GET IT!! TNA is far from perfect as well..... case in point, velvet sky!! the x divsion is no longer about the high flyers that made tna great... its about fighting for the big one.... those spots are earned over time.... not just for anyone who wins the x division title. there will never be a perfect organization that will please everyone... (fans and talent) but cant we just agree that wrestling is great? that it takes a true athlete to do what All wrestlers do? I love your blog... your news reports are what keeps me coming back. you are a talented writter.... but its become more or a wwe tabloid!

  2. When does a Diva's match from Bell time to End last more than 2 minutes on WWE? I can see the entire Women's division goto TNA. They are just there to get a pay check in WWE. They don't get to wrestle anymore.

  3. Anonymous you moron you cant judge a product unless you know alot about them judging a product without knowing makes u a retard x division is about high flyers the only reason why its barly featured is cuz of the injuries the x divison wrestlers been in this year was just bad for the x division