Tuesday, October 23, 2012


It never ceases to amuse me when I hear someone is frustrated with Monday Night RAW. It somehow makes me feel like the columns I've written about the misgivings of the competition are worth every last word. I don't claim to know everything about this business, contrary to what some of my critics might say about this daily column. I DO, however, claim to know a few things about how a successful wrestling business should be run and right now, you won't find very many of those ingredients in WWE's current product.

Still, it also amuses me to note that on some pages, a critic who has watched WWE's product for 10+ years can somehow choose the current product over that of 2003-2008. Seriously? Let me get this straight, you'll choose this....

over this?

Call me biased. I'm unashamedly so when it comes to my appreciation of the former product to that of today. As much as I HATED a few of the stories from back then (namely the return promos for Randy Orton interrupting every single episode and PPV to tell us how his arm was doing), it is NOTHING compared to the facepalm trainwreck we are seeing today. But TNA's product did something back then that still has yet to be outdone......

Don't think that they haven't tried to capitalize on their success with this match. In 2009, they did it again for the World Heavyweight Title. What I would like to see right now is the reintroduction of a few stipulations. Tell me you wouldn't LOVE to see Austin Aries vs. AJ Styles in an Iron Man Match. Or how about Joe vs. Magnus in a Last Man Standing Match? Maybe a current Jeff Hardy against Matt Morgan in a Three Stages of Hell Match? At this point, we're not seeing a few things I think that would be interesting, not to mention nostalgic. This isn't saying I'm not satisfied with the product, quite the contrary, but the stipulations would help.


  1. My guess is real wrestling fans have nothing else to watch on Monday nights. Just look at the other crap on the TV on Monday. Not one decent alternative in my book if you love wrestling. If TNA were on Monday nights against RAW on the other hand... At first yes the ratings would dip, but with WWE having trouble keeping RAW at 3.0 ratings wise. I don't see how TNA wouldn't grow and multiply ratings in the long term. Only negative would be if TNA copied WWE product with the way it runs its show. They need to birth Attitude. Like what they did in that one January 4th show. It was the best thing they did with the TNA product. More shows should be on that level. Nothing against the current card and all they are great. Just needs a fire under the show to heat it up non-stop.

  2. I only watch raw when im having trouble sleeeping its a cure to insomnia cuz its so boring