Friday, October 19, 2012


I've been talking about debuts and returns now for quite some time now. I can imagine some of you are getting nearly as ailed by the passing of time as I. Given that contracts and such have already been signed, when do we get the debuts of the Gut Check Challengers or the return of Velvet Sky among others? Believe me, the thought has occurred to me too. I think we should run down each one to make sure we're clear as to whom we're waiting for.

Sam Shaw....The first time he debuted, Aces and Eights beat him down in the middle of the ring, cutting his match off entirely. So when does HE get some payback? Has he been patched and become one of them? The question of when his debut happens has been on my radar, for sure. As for my guess? One of two things could happen.

1.) He could be the next revealed.
2.) He could debut as another wanting revenge in a sanctioned match.

Alex Silva.....Another possible X Division contender. This could be exciting, provided they bring him in as a part of some kind of possible battle royal. A battle royal or tourney would showcase who remains within the division and give him some chances to shine his resume. So when? I'm guessing that Rob Van Dam needs some kind of secondary challenger to Zema Ion and picking from the bench might be the best option. SO, once his rematch clause has run out, a new contender will have to be named.

Taeler Hendrix.....She has been running the indies with other Knockouts to break in her boots and prove her worth to the top brass. That fact alone says she's well on her way to debut. I will even go on record in saying that next month she will come down with a crash. Now, will she win the title right out of the gate? Doubtful, but stranger things have happened.

Velvet Sky.....By far, my favorite underdog Knockouts Champion. I predict something special for her return. A love interest. And another's love interest, I might add. I can see Mr. Godderz as her first target back, being thrust right back into the main event with Tara. I'm going with another month or sooner before we see her return.

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