Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Woes and Triumphs....

If any of you read comments the way I do, you'll note that the previous column brought a comment forward. I draw your attention to said comment....

"For a guy who dislikes the wwe.... you sure know a ton about it! do you watch it just to see there flubs? Spend 40- 50 bucks on thier ppv's just to turn them off 20 minutes into it? we know wwe messes up....WE GET IT!! TNA is far from perfect as well..... case in point, velvet sky!! the x divsion is no longer about the high flyers that made tna great... its about fighting for the big one.... those spots are earned over time.... not just for anyone who wins the x division title. there will never be a perfect organization that will please everyone... (fans and talent) but cant we just agree that wrestling is great? that it takes a true athlete to do what All wrestlers do? I love your blog... your news reports are what keeps me coming back. you are a talented writter.... but its become more or a wwe tabloid! "

I hope I'm not betraying any trust in re-posting this. I believe that great comments need to be recognized as such. Having said this, I have a words or two I would like to say in response.....

I make no apologies for WWE rants. This is my view on WWE and, until they decide that they WANT to change the opinions of their critics, my opinion is unlikely to change. NOW, having said that, I DON'T watch WWE's product on a regular basis. I watch highlights and read results to find out the context. As far as Sunday went, the establishment I was at happened to be playing the event on their big screen so I watched what I wanted and went back to my conversations when I was finished with it, so I don't want to sound as if I PAID for the event just to nit-pick.

All FACT and backstage stories are from reliable sources and from a LOT of homework. I don't ever want to give the impression that I don't know what I'm talking about because that would be unprofessional and that is simply not what I want to communicate here. I look at my job here to educate and to give a perspective that is new and different to what a lot of wrestling critics and fellow columnists out there are saying. Since so few out there take on a perspective that is in favor of TNA's product, I'm here to try and fill a void.

I appreciate the comment and I respect your stance. Wrestling IS great. We absolutely share that in common. 

I have one final thought to bring to light before putting a cap on another column on the day. The X Division Title. I've heard quite a few people talk about what made the X Division great. Do you want to know MY opinion? During the lucrative run of the X Division back when Joe, Styles, Williams, and company were involved in it, my only complaint was that these guys needed to be in a main event and there was no good way to put them there without ruining a storyline of some kind already taking place on that level. I think THAT is what I loved so much about Austin Aries' "option C" initiative.

With this initiative in place, TNA can put an ear to the pulse of the X Division and see if there be anyone in their ranks who is ready to make the jump to the next level without making the division feel like a dead end. Imagine if this had been in place 6 years ago. Guys like Daniels or Kazarian or even Low-Ki might have been able to capture the ultimate prize. Who's to say? I like options and putting a sort of "Money in the Bank" feel attached to a belt makes that belt look like just another mid-card's also a representation of an opportunity that has an expiration date.


  1. Hey, same guy who posted before. And i appreciate your time to answer. your wwe rants are well placed..... ill give you that. Their mess ups are plentyfull. I honestly think TNA has the better talent lineup, but i think WWE has better stories ( excluding TNA'S aces and eights story.... they found gold there!) i watch both, without giving much thought to any of it. i cheer for my favorires and boo my dislikes. Im just... a fan. you are most certainly entitled to your opinions, and i respect them... i was just curious about a few things.... that you awnsered gracefully. i will be a continued reader, as i said before, you are a talented writter. hope your blog keeps going strong.

  2. First off anonymous wwe does not have great story lines they contradict the wrestlers character like kane he said he was a monster void of meaningless of emotion til he lets aj slap a disgusting kiss on him and whatever happened to his undertaker powers
    kanes just a moron in his new team acting as if he never was a tag team champion and if you ever watched the clair lych story it was crap and wwe trying to copy that shows that they arent confident im their own story writing capabilities

  3. I agree that the kane story is one of the stupidest wrestling stories ever....

  4. The wwe stories are boring and its hard 2 get into the show, they make terrible decitions weekly, tna is making great storylines that get ur attention. Wwes new game is probably the best thing they have done in a couple years, the attitude in the game NEEDS to be in their shows

  5. Wwe has no real direction right now, because they don't look at TNA as a contender. Only story worth anything they have is the CM Punk storyline which isn't much. They need to expand that and make it a Paul Hayman story and give it a stable feel and let it trickle down to the mid-card like syrup on pancakes. As far as TNA itself they need to step it up too. They have the writing and talent but to me they seem timid to compete with "big brother". What we need is another Monday Night War to get it going. I think TNA is ready for it and WWE definatly needs it to inject some much needed life into their product. Wrestling needs to be a two sided coin like that to make it great.