Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Wrestling PR 101: How to Attract Fans and Influence People....

Allow me to set the scene:

October 6, 2012- Anaheim, CA.....WWE held a house show with 2500-3000 in attendance. Among those, a woman by the name of Shelly Ehler and her 8 year old son. On the card, Alberto Del Rio was slated to face Sheamus in singles competition. During introductions, Del Rio took her son's sign, in support of Sheamus and ripped it up. When he started to cry, he mocked him.

According to the mother, he cried all the way home and, in response, she took to Twitter, calling Del Rio a bully and was mocked by Ricardo Rodriguez, his manager. Sheamus, offered to send a signed photo and to meet with him the next time WWE came through town.

Fast forward a couple of days. News of Ehler's son's bullying has reached the ears of TNA President, Dixie Carter, who reached out to them. Carter offered them both VIP passes to Bound for Glory in Phoenix along with a meet and greet on behalf of TNA..........

So let's go through the past week's events one more time.

CM Punk punches a fan and Del Rio takes and rips up a child's sign at a house show. There is something I'd like to add to all of this.

CM Punk is slated with possible feuds with Steve Austin, The Rock, and The Undertaker in the coming year. Can someone tell me why WWE would even consider this kind of thing after Monday's behavior? Am I missing something? CM PUNK STRUCK A FAN! Where I come from, you don't reward that kind of thing with a match against, arguably, the three biggest names of the Attitude Era.

As for Del Rio, no word is going around about dealing with his behavior. If a performer wants to take a sign away from a fan, fine....but a child? NEVER. Simple as that. You pose in front of a sign in support of your character or you hold it up for the cameras or crowd and you give it back. You don't tear up a kid's sign EVER!

Dixie Carter is the embodiment of class as a TNA Ambassador. THAT, folks, is how you treat a fan who has had a bad experience with WWE. Give them a good experience to offset the negative. And what a treat for a young fan like that! This humble writer is proud to write in favor of an organization like TNA, where fans are the life blood.


  1. Ok on most things i agree.. but ive aeen bully ray threaten to punch a 6 year old... this was October 6th in ft.smith. last year he took an aj styles sign and ripped it..... the kid cried. jeff jerett told a kid to shut up or hed whoop his a**... the kid cried. its part of the show.. in wwe and tna! thats how bad guys are created.... thats how memories are created.

  2. now I'm not taking up for cm punk but the fans were just as much to blame for that happening than Cm punk was. A person can only take being pushed around for so long. punk made his apologies. remember we're only human mistakes will be made. also this is coming from somebody that is not a CM Punk fan.

  3. First off cm punks a dumbass cuz the real person who punched him ran off like a pussy and cm punk being the retarded heel he is swang first without looking