Friday, November 9, 2012

Around the World....

Before launching into a full blown analysis of Turning Point, which IS coming, I'd like to take a stroll through the news of the day and toss out a few thoughts.....

First, the decline of WWE Smackdown brings the last week's LIVE show down to 1.5. Yes, you read that correctly. ONE point FIVE. RAW hasn't gotten much better, continuing their own decline. In the wake of a second consecutive Senate loss for Linda McMahon, CM Punk was asked if the PG Era was going to end. His response? "The two have nothing to do with one another. Stop thinking about the last. Eyes forward. One foot in front of the other."

Continuing with that frame of thought, Vince's determination about making The Rock a part of the WWE build into Wrestlemania the coming year makes me more convinced than ever of what his role is.......a band-aid on a bullet wound. Some within the wrestling community believe that WWE's problem has to do with a lack of roster depth. Others go with a gigantic case of writer's block from the creative team. I happen to believe it's an abandonment of a tried and true formula that TNA is now capitalizing on right now.

Fact is, WWE's product infuriates me. Why? A picture is worth a thousand words......or maybe a video.

For a MILLION reasons, this puts me simply beside myself. WWE gives birth to the above out of a character that is able to do this......

Maybe the Undertaker should have just given Kane a hug. That might have made it all better.

Okay....moving on.

TNA news involves the loss of another from the roster. Eric Young, who hasn't been on camera in quite some time, may be on his way out. TNA officials and Young are not agreeing upon terms for a contract renewal as of yet. At Turning Point, the running belief is that ODB will call off their marriage if Eric Young doesn't wrestle the match on PPV.

If the first round of nonsense weren't enough, Scott Steiner is now threatening to sue TNA for allowing Jeff Hardy to work a match with him under the influence during a match from last year at this time. I have a few words to say on the subject. While Jeff Hardy will always have his critics who refuse to forgive him for Victory Road last year, the man HAS been clean for well over a year now INCLUDING THE MATCH HE IS REFERRING TO. His record of cooperation is exemplary from the desk of Dixie Carter all the way down the line....until Mr. Steiner, which should surprise no one reading this. A full year goes by since the match in question and only NOW he decides to bring this all up? Really....REALLY?! Just leave the company in peace, Scott.....

And last on my list to discuss is TNA's impending trip to Europe early next year. THIS is exciting to me as the U.K. ALWAYS welcomes TNA with an amazing crowd. You guys ROCK! It not only comes across like a PPV crowd, but it simply makes the product look like the powerhouse they NEED to be to compete on a world class level. I hope you enjoy the shows as there is sure to be NO shortage of good wrestling to be had on every card.

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