Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Building on Sand vs. Building on The Rock....

At the risk of sounding overly biblical, I titled this column so because of some interesting news that has reached me from afar. From behind the scenes at WWE, I understand that some within the creative team were wanting to see CM Punk lose at Survivor Series. While those very people were vetoed by Vince, the reason is, let's face it, face palm. One believed reason for Vince's adamant refusal to allow Punk to drop the title to Ryback has to do with The Rock. It's been the running belief on The Rock's side of things that HE would be the one to snap the reign of CM Punk next month. Letting some ELSE do what he was slated to do would conjure up the kind of uncertainty concerning The Rock's relationship with WWE that Vince simply wants to avoid. Without mincing words.....WWE needs The Rock a WHOLE LOT more than The Rock needs WWE right now.

My question to the brass hats up north is simple. Why would you bother building your entire main event picture around a man who currently has no plans to stick around beyond Wrestlemania? Let's be clear, CM Punk or John Cena vs. The Rock is NOT the same as Hulk Hogan vs. The Rock at Wrestlemania X8 or No Way Out from 2003. The one feud WWE could POSSIBLY have that would compare is that of Steve Austin taking Cena or Punk to task. At least Austin vs. Punk has some dirt and story hooks to latch onto.

Likewise, The Undertaker, who had been initially silent concerning his participation in Wrestlemania this year, mostly due to nagging injuries, has been approached by WWE officials. Word is that he IS up for a high profile match at Wrestlemania. Does that mean a battle for "respect" that Punk likes to throw around with weight? Perhaps. Whatever the case, the build is slated to take place beginning at the Royal Rumble and work through into the Wrestlemania week and even perhaps the week after, just like clockwork. I give the man his dues, he's been a faithful worker and attraction for Vince and company for over 20 years now, but of late, his list of worthy opponents grows thin. And with talk surrounding the net of Austin possibly having "ONE MORE MATCH" left in him and The Rock in the on deck circle, you have three men without definitive plans. If this isn't the nail in the coffin for those calling for a return to the Attitude Era, I'm not sure what else qualifies.

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