Monday, November 19, 2012


There are changes coming down the pike, ladies and gentlemen. The battle lines are beginning to be drawn and everything is starting to shuffle into place. In this column, I'll reveal some changes to each companies' approach to the future as well as one major change to this site. As I've said so many times before....Let's get to it.....


TNA's Holiday blitz has kept their crews busy, as taped shows have been locked into place for this week and the week of Christmas for sure. There is a piece of good news in all that, though. TNA revealed that there is talk of a permanent move to a live format going into the new year. In fact, the first few shows of the new year will be live, leading their tour of the U.K. in January. This is a good sign for TNA and, if TNA continues their upward ratings trend, another new development is on the horizon.....a move from the Impact Zone.

That's right, the talk over town is that TNA is wanting, more than ever, to take TNA on the road in the coming year more often. As I said before, a good portion of the factors for not doing so is funding, but some of that backing comes from advertisers and, with a better television rating comes a more confident pushing of products from said companies with their funds and sponsorships. Another factor is show attendance. If TNA isn't able to support a live show from an arena across the country in excess of 5,000 people as they have in the U.K. and even in the southern states last year, there is no chance of them making a permanent move. This means fans will NEED to make their presence known if TNA is to make a bigger Impact on the national scene. This is a statement that fans will need to be making....that they are tired of what Vince has been putting out. WWE is NOT the only act in town, though they may play like they are.

Which leads me into WWE:

WWE withheld the release of workers for their product during the elections, but since Linda lost the second play for the Senate, business is returning to normal, with WWE releasing more talents in the coming year. I have asked this question before...why would you hire someone only to release them in a year's time? In business, the goal is to make a person feel useful as well as make money off of said person, is it not? If those two goals aren't met, and you find that the money isn't coming in from people paying to see and cheer for them, you fire the employee, right? WRONG! You do some research and find out what people want! Go to the forums! That's where the best critics are. These are hardcore fans of your product and they want to see you succeed. *sigh*

My point is that in order to truly succeed in getting fan support behind a person without letting the person have the reins to himself like a Steve Austin or a Dwayne Johnson is to get the fans involved. If you've ever wondered what has made TNA's day in the sun look as good as it has, it's Bischoff's inexhaustible joy in doing research. If Vince did even half of the research of Eric, WWE would be in a better place....believe that. Moving on.....

Some within WWE's top brass are concerned with the current state of their Diva's Division (a look of shock and awe). That said, they are looking to refill the division with current NXT talents. You all can't see me shaking my head. If there is one thing WWE has no clue about, it's rebuilding what worked for them during the Attitude Era. Back then, the WOMEN'S DIVISION was thriving. Just a side note: not every woman can take on the template of a Trish Stratus. Some are going to be Torrie Wilson types. I can see some of you have no clue where I just went. Trish and Torrie were both fitness models, BUT only one of them was actually noted for being a WRESTLER. Trish's desire to do more and actually perform WRESTLING matches made her a candidate for improvement. And improve she did, now being remembered as a Hall of Famer of the division.

I am stunned that WWE hasn't thought of utilizing their resident wrestling Diva, Natalya. As I made mention of before, she was never tagged into a Diva's tag match. Granted, it only lasted 2 and a half minutes, but even her presence would have kicked the quality up a few notches. FACT: Natalya deserves better. Go ahead and send her to TNA now, while there is still some dignity in the decision.

The tidbits COULD provide insight as to how each company looks to move forward, but only time will reveal just how successful the endeavors actually are. I leave you with one final this site. In 11 days, I take on a partner. From columns past, I bring you guys another perspective other than my own. I'm not going to let off the gas, as I'm sure that's what it sounds like. I will STILL deliver you all a daily dose of opinion, fact, and news.

This column will be known as Survival Tactix and the new column will be known as The Rant From Ringside. I look forward to putting more bang into the visit you all honor this site with. This is my way of saying thank you. Moving forward is the goal here, as well.....


  1. Evening Tactix
    Just to let you know, even with the lack of comments on your posts, that you have at least one religious reader - me! All be it deliberately 3 day late (as I'm in the UK and we see Impact on a sunday night)...
    Keep up the good work

  2. Your right even tna women's division is better not really because wwe doesn't have the talent but come on.atleast aj stepped up katlynn is a breath of fresh air Layla came back and they're doing well but what happened to natalya tamina and then they get rid of Beth pheniox what are they doing.. look at Mickey James way better on tna.the only for wwe to stay out of wcw status is to bring back the attitude era bring back john cena Dr of thuganomics just without the rapping let Kane be the monster he supposed to be just like how the big show is now the giant he supposed to have always been.have more of the Randy vs Del Rio matches.not saying to bring back the hardcore title but let these superstars fight loving the new tag team division but we need more superstars like Rey and sin cara and kofi bring back John Morrison