Friday, November 23, 2012

Double Standards and Replacements....

Just for a bit of did WCW begin their downturn, according to WWE officials? The answer seems a bit self-defeating when you go back and watch "The Monday Night War".  J.R. and Vince McMahon told the camera that they were so focused in on how to make their own product better that they weren't really watching what WCW was doing.

In an earlier column, I revealed that Vince was given a copy of TNA's opening with voice over recapping of previous events. His response was that WWE could do it better and then they proceeded to copy the idea outright. What's worse, WWE is beginning to do exactly what WCW did in their dying years. Even now, WWE officials have been ASSIGNED to review tape from Ring of Honor and TNA and give report as to their contents to the creative staff heads.

You knew it HAD to happen. TNA made a POSSIBLE mistake. Brooke and Bully Ray? Bully Ray vs. A Double? Again? I won't lie to you. The idea made me laugh out loud. But you know what else occurred to me? This just MIGHT be the thing that takes Brooke from the Knockouts Division. That being said, I think I'll sit this one through and see how it plays out. It could be a train wreck. It could even be worse. But even though Brooke can't act and Bully Ray isn't making the best face in the world, I have it on good authority that this one will read like something straight out of the Attitude Era.

So who would serve as her replacement, should things run that direction? I've got my short list....have a look.

Traci Brooks-
She's been a part of the division for one. She had duties that related to the VP position for another. AND she has already been denied and that little story alone could be worth having her take the reins of the position.

Lita- Could she DO that? Doubtful. Her relationship with a certain long reigning WWE Champion (CM Punk) might be a bit of a conflict of interest. Nevertheless, it WOULD be a huge draw for the Knockouts Division.

The list of former WOMEN'S CHAMPIONS is long and storied, but my personal favorite HAS to be.....

Molly Holly-
As far as I'm concerned, there's no one women's performer more deserving of such an honor. Having been trained by one of the true great technical performers of all time, Dean Malenko, her in ring ability outranks Trish Stratus, in my humble opinion. And, if you have a look at the picture, she actually LOOKS the part. This is my number one choice.


  1. Molly works for me but no Traci Brooks please. I can't quite explain why but she just annoys me. And to be honest I think Brooke Hogan is getting more comfortable and therefore better in her current position. If you think back to her first appearance on the show compared to her most recent there is a huge improvement.

  2. I would love 2 see lita because her history with jeff could create great storylines, and if cm punk had a problem withh wwe he could jump 2 tna