Monday, November 26, 2012

Final Resolution pre-show.....

To start things off, let me first say thanks for every idea, comment, suggestion, critique, and analysis offered over the course of the past week. This site wouldn't run without that kind of nitrous boost from time to time. As stated before, this open invitation stands. If you have questions, comments, and the like, I'm happy to do whatever I can to answer fully and completely. Now that I've said my peace on that front, I'd like to address a couple of things before diving into Final Resolution news and such.

1. The Impact Zone.

I have talked at GREAT length about TNA's need to move out of the Impact Zone. As stated many times, the issue is money. Before I go any further, I don't want to give the impression that TNA is suffering financially, because it's simply not true. HOWEVER, in the interest of living within their means, the Impact Zone is the most financially responsible thing to do. Moreover, it allows TNA to do things like give you folks in the U.K. a chance to attend an event through their tours there. It ALSO allows further travel within the United States as well. For a second place wrestling promotion WITHOUT the financial backing of a Ted Turner to serve as a safety net, TNA is doing remarkably well, all things considered.  I will, agree with you all that a bigger arena IS in order. I happen to KNOW there are larger soundstages within the confines of the Universal Studios. The problem right now, is procuring access to said stages.

2. Wes Brisco.

If you've read my posts on the fan page, you already know that plans, apparently, have changed. The latest Gut Check Challenger, Brisco faced a man more green than he and made for one of the worst matches of the year. To those who are fans of the young Bischoff, I do apologize if I've offended, but his lack of experience and technical in ring prowess made Wes Brisco look awful. Brisco is USED to training with the subject of his first official program in TNA, Kurt Angle. Garett Bischoff isn't Kurt Angle and had no business being even IN a Gut Check Challenge if he's not prepared to CARRY a match on his own. Wes Brisco may be a phenomenal talent, but the showing he was given was not a fair one, to be sure. And while he may very well BE underneath one of the many masks in the faction dominating the TNA program these days, it's been rumored that he won't be a part of the final tally.

3. Brooke/Ray/Aries/Hulk......

I will say this one time and one time only. This story had better lead to something worthwhile or you'll find some very unhappy columnists lining the doorway of TNA's headquarters calling for their resignation. TNA is quite simply above this kind of storyline. Having said that, if both men ended up on the Genesis card as challengers for Jeff Hardy or whoever walks out of Final Resolution as champion, I'd be plenty pleased in ANY CASE, the only thing I can say right now with any confidence is just wait a couple of weeks for this to come into focus. It could very well just be Aries playing mind games with Hulk.

NOW.....Final Resolution is coming into full view and right now, we have

Mickie James vs. Tara for the Knockouts Title
Bobby Roode vs. Jeff Hardy for the World Title
AJ Styles vs. Daniels

On thing I will say that for FINAL RESOLUTION, a stipulation will HAVE to be made in the Styles and Daniels match. Why? Because this rivalry is TNA's HBK vs. Triple H or Austin vs. The Rock. It is almost as TNA as the 6 Sided Ring was. In years past, it didn't matter how many times Austin and The Rock went to battle, the build was always good. Daniels and Styles aren't in the same league, but they ARE more technical ring workers than EITHER. It would be the modern day variant of Eddie Guerrero vs. Dean Malenko or Jericho vs. Michaels. A decent rivalry that has spanned years and will likely go down as one of the better feuds of TNA's history.

I would be hard pressed to think of any other way for the finish of the World Title match to go than Jeff Hardy retaining. It seems to me that Roode losing would only mount the intensity toward another meeting down the road, maybe even a multiple man main event next month or at Against All Odds.

Those are my only thoughts so far, but stay tuned.....more will be on the way.

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