Thursday, November 22, 2012

Input/Output.....Part 2. WE WANT 6 SIDES!

In the last column, I covered booking and made a case to defend what TNA has done on that front. I still say if you want more of ANYTHING, contact TNA directly. They have a department for that kind of thing anyway. Their website has contact information for both internet traffic as well as paper mail traffic. I covered the X Division briefly as well. Today I want to cover a couple of topics MORE than one of you brought to the table.....the 6 Sided Ring.

You have NO IDEA how badly I wanted to hear you guys bring THAT to the table. THIS is something TNA needs to hear. The more noise, the more likely you are to get a response. Near the beginning of this blog's life, I wrote column calling for Hulk Hogan to do a storyline about the ring and his intentions of doing away with it as a part of Immortal's reign. Unfortunately, the column fell on deaf ears as very few people read it at the time.

Truth be told, I happen to LOVE the difference the 6 Sided Ring made to the look of the TV product as well. So many of you communicated the word IDENTITY attached to the ring. Truth be told, I couldn't agree with you all more. A large piece of TNA's identity was lost when the ring was changed. I CAN, however tell you all WHY it was changed.

When the announcement was made in 2009 that Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff were going to come into TNA, it made HUGE waves and those in a positive light. Some were critics of Bischoff and his work near the ending days of WCW (an unfair opinion, I might add), while others looked at Hulk Hogan as the "savior" of the company. It didn't take long for me to determine where this thing was headed.

Genesis 2010. I waited with anxious anticipation to see the lights and fireworks and such for TNA's first PPV of the year. When the cameras switched on and they focused in on the ring, I was IMMEDIATELY upset. Not only was the ring changed without notifying the fans, there was a stupid little drawbridge that spanned from the ring to the entrance. I. WAS. LIVID. I wrote the company as soon as I turned off the PPV that night.

The decision to change the ring was made with great controversy backstage. Guys like Jeff Jarrett were against the change because of that very word...IDENTITY. It was who TNA was, at least for the 6 years leading up to it. The belief at the time was that people in higher standing in the wrestling business world looked down on TNA because of their break from tradition. This wasn't necessarily coming from the new regime, either, though they revealed the school of thought. The running belief was that the innovation made the product look campy and less serious. Not so with fans and there was SOME backlash. Not enough fans were vocal enough to make contact with TNA officials to make the change back stick. As many of you will recall, the 6 Sided Ring DID make another appearance in 2011 at Destination X, but as I said, the change didn't stick around.

I happen to agree with a grand portion of the assembly that the 6 Sided Ring NEEDS to be a staple of the TNA product. NOW, with that being said, IF those in power wish to keep face and not bring down their hard work, I don't think it out of the realm of possibility to compromise. I suggest that TWO PPVs use the 6 Sided Ring......Lockdown and Destination X. The Six Sides of Steel flowed so well off the tongue and made the structure sound so much more menacing than what we have today. Destination X is pretty much self explanitory.

There was a chant on TV the week after Genesis that still rings in my head. I loved it. "WE WANT 6 SIDES!" TNA needs to hear that if you ever want to see their old staple return to prominence. TNA doesn't need a small flow of letters, either. They need to hear that in DROVES. There is a faction that believes TNA won't succeed if they break from the traditional ring shape. Those numbers need to be drowned out by the chant for an identity shift, back to who they were in the first place.

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